Van der Valk ValkBox3 Ballasted Solar Panel Mounting System



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Making Solar Easy: Flat Roof/Ground Ballasted Mounting for Solar Panels

Van der Valk Solar Systems is a specialist company focused on developing and manufacturing mounting systems for use with solar panels.

Build to comply with worldwide standards with uncompromising quality, Van der Valk produces innovative, low maintenance systems which deliver durability, reliability, functionality and ease of use. With an excellent track record of coping with any weather, Valk Solar Systems offer a cost-effective, reliable and simple to install solution for your project.

ValkBox3 – Flat Roof/Ground Solar Panels Ballasted Mounting

The ValkBox3 is a simple kit that includes all the required mounting materials packaged in one box for installation of one Solar PV Module on a flat roof or ground (ballast to be added to the order separately)

Key Features

  • Delivered as a ready to use kit (the ballast to be added to the order).
  • Clear ballast table with wind region and building height variables included - you will know exactly how much ballast you require.
  • Stainless steel parts, aluminium rails.
  • Drilling-free installation mitigates the risk of water leaks or damage to roof insulation.
  • Simple ballast tiles are provided to secure the panel in place. Other ballast tiles or similar material can be bought by the customer.
  • Super low installation cost

Ensure you order the correct number of ballast tiles here or select the suitable option including ballast on this page. You can also purchase your own ballast up to the required weight.


Detailed Specifications

  • Applications: Large and small rigid flat roofs, landfills, open spaces, green areas, pavement around the house, and others.
  • Roof height: up to 15m.
  • Roof slope: Max. 5° without additional measures.
  • Design panels:: Standard solar panels with an aluminium frame, with mounting holes for M6 bolts.
  • PV Module length: up to 2280mm.
  • PV Module width: 926 - 1150mm.
  • Tilt angle: 20°.
  • Material: aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Ambient temperature: -30°C to +50°C.

Ballast Selection

The ValkBox3 mounting system needs to be supported by ballast, to make sure that the system is fixed in place and does not move, lift or tip over. The tables below indicate how much ballast should be placed on the system based on maximum panel dimensions, wind area and roof height. Make sure you order the correct number of Ballast Tiles 30 x 30 x 4.5cm per position to ensure that the mounting system can be used safely.

Restrictions also apply for the position of the system on a roof. The solar panels must be installed at a certain distance from the edge of the roof. According to the current standard, NEN-EN 1991-1-4, this free edge zone is 1/5 of the height of the roof. So, if a roof is 4 meters high, a free edge zone of 80 cm will be required.

The Ballast Selection Tables below cover the ValkBox3 ground installations (height = 0) and installations on flat roofs of any buildings (height up to 15m) for each wind zone.

The ValkBox3 mounting system must be weighed down by means of ballast tiles, which must be placed on the indicated ballast foundations. You can easily calculate the required ballast in three steps:

  • Select your wind area on the wind map;
  • Choose the wind zone and building height in the Table 1 or Table 2.
  • You can now read the number of ballast tiles / kg placed in G1 and G2 positions.
  • Add the number of tiles at G1 and G2. The result is the total number of tiles per panel for your location.

X = the required ballast is higher than will fit under the system. The system must be mechanically attached to the roof. Please contact us.
* If you use tiles of different sizes and thus another weight, you need to adjust the number of tiles to get the right weight.

Note 1: Min. extra ballast in G1 & G2 has to be 2 x 1 ballast tile (2 x 9 kg).
Note 2: The ballast in G1 & G2 must be equally divided over the rubber ballast carriers.
Note 3: The max. of 20 ballast tiles (4 in G1 and 16 in G2) can be placed for extra ballast (180 kg).

Choose ValkBox3 Flat Roof/Ground Solar Panels Ballasted Mounting system - a reliable solution crafted to overcome wind challenges while ensuring easy and cost effective installation.