Solis S6 Dual MPPT 3kW Single Phase Grid-tie PV Inverter with DC Switch

By Ginlong

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Powering Your Rooftop Revolution with Solis S6 3kW Inverter

  • Maximum String Input Current 14A
  • Easy Installation: Integrate with export power control function and DRM function.
  • Max. Efficiency Over 97.3%
  • Wide Input Voltage Range for Better Generation and Low Startup
  • Dual MPPT Design with Precise MPPT Algorithm
  • Export Limitation Built-in - Requires CT Clamp (Sold Separately)
  • Integrated AFCI (DC Arc-Fault Circuit Protection)
  • Rated IP66
  • 10-Year Warranty (5-Year Standard Warranty + 5-Year Free of Charge Warranty Extension)


  • The Solis S6 3kW S6-GR1P3K Grid-tie Inverter stands at the forefront of grid-tied residential inverters, defining excellence for affordable small residential rooftop installations. 
  • The Solis S6 3kW S6-GR1P3K Grid-tie Inverter is tailor-made for green energy applications in small residential and commercial rooftops. Adopting full digital control technology, advanced topological structure, and accurate dual MPPT algorithms, its efficiency surpasses the industry-leading conversion, reaching a maximum of 97.3%.
  • Additional Features:
    • Integrated DC Switch Version: No need for an external DC Isolator. If you already have one, it's not an issue; you can simply disable one of them!
    • For monitoring, enhance your system with a Solis Wi-Fi data logging stick.
    • Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year warranty as standard, extendable to 10 years with a Warranty Extension +5 Years.
  • The Solis S6 3kW S6-GR1P3K Grid-tie Inverter operates with remarkable efficiency, maximizing the conversion of solar energy into usable electricity. Advanced dual MPPT technologies ensure optimal performance even in challenging weather conditions such as dusk or partial shade.
  • Delivery: 2-3 WORKING DAYS within the UK (delivery times may vary to the Highlands, islands, and Northern Ireland).
Solis S6—empowering your solar journey.

      Detailed specifications:

      Model: S6-GR1P3K
      INPUT PV
      Max. Input Power: 4500W
      Max. Input Voltage: 600V
      Start-up Input Voltage: 120V
      Rated Input Voltage: 330V
      MPPT Operating Voltage Range: 90-520V
      Max. Input Current: 14A/14A
      Max. Short-circuit Current: 22A/22A
      No. of Independent MPP Trackers: 2
      Rated Output Power: 3000W
      Max. Output Power: 3300W
      Max. Output Apparent Power: 3300VA
      Rated Grid Output Current: 13.6A / 13.0A
      Max. Grid Output Current: 15.7A
      Rated Grid Voltage: 220-230VAC
      Rated Grid Frequency: 50/60Hz
      Power Factor: >0.99 ( Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging )
      THD: <3%
      Max. Efficiency: 97.3%
      Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +60°C
      Protection Degree: IP66
      Size: 310 x 160 x 543mm
      Net Weight: 11.2kg

      In the Box:
      • 1 X Solis S6 3kW S6-GR1P3K Grid-tie Inverter,
      • 1 X Solis S6 3kW S6-GR1P3K Grid-tie Inverter User's Manual.

      Documents available for download:

      Solis 3kW Grid-tie Inverter S6-GR1P3K Data Sheet

      Solis 3kW Grid-tie Inverter S6-GR1P3K Installation Manual

      Frequently Asked Questions:

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