PYLONTECH US5000 4.8-76.8kWh 48v Solar Battery System (Excl. Brackets)


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PYLONTECH US5000: Revolutionizing Energy Storage from 4.8kWh to 72.6kWh

Introducing the new Pylontech US5000 Lithium Battery with a remarkable capacity of 4.8 kWh. This battery boasts a modular design, simplifying system capacity expansion as required, with a parallel capacity of up to 16 units. This enables you to achieve a maximum accumulation of up to 72.96 kWh without the need for an additional LV Hub.

The intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) ensures the protection of battery cells and offers an impressive 95% Depth of Discharge (DoD).

One pair of Pylon US5000 Battery Brackets are required for each battery!


  • Unveiling the PYLONTECH US5000, the latest and largest addition to the US series, sets a new benchmark in energy storage, combining unparalleled usable capacity with an exceptional price/performance ratio. With a remarkable 95% dischargeability, it stands as a beacon of quality, offering infinite expandability for optimal installations, featuring a Parallel Capability of up to 16 units. Secure mounting brackets may be necessary for installations requiring 2 or more batteries.
    • Modular Marvel: Designed with a modular approach for seamless expansion and Parallel Capability of up to 16 units, providing unparalleled flexibility.
    • Maximized Usable Capacity: Higher usable capacity minimizes the need for numerous battery modules, enabling expansive installations of up to 72.96kWh without the requirement for an LV Hub.
    • Optimized Depth of Discharge (DoD): Boasting a 95% DoD, delivering more usable capacity with an impressive 4,560Wh.
    • Intelligent Battery Management: Equipped with an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) ensuring the protection of battery cells, and compatibility with RS485 and CAN.
    • Enduring Performance: Demonstrates a long cycle life and superior performance, backed by a 7-year warranty extendable to 10 years upon online registration.
  • The PYLONTECH US5000 4.8KWH LITHIUM-ION (LFP) SOLAR BATTERY is crafted with Pylontech's lithium iron phosphate cells and vertical industry integration, setting the benchmark for safety and promising a life cycle of 6000 cycles at an incredible 95% Depth of Discharge (DoD). Key features include:
    • Self-Designed BMS: Ensures protection against abnormal temperature, current, voltage, State of Charge (SoC), and State of Health (SoH).
    • Extended Warranty: Comes with a 7-year standard warranty, extendable to 10 years upon registration, covering manufacturing or material faults.
  • The US5000 4.8KWH LITHIUM-ION (LFP) SOLAR BATTERY is tailor-made for low voltage systems (48V), ensuring simplicity and modularity. Specific features include:
    • Integrated BMS: Exclusively integrated BMS in low voltage batteries, allowing independent management and monitoring of cell status, voltage, current, and temperature.
    • Protection Mechanism: Functions as an overload and over-current protection system, guaranteeing robust safety.
  • Delivery: 2-3 WORKING DAYS delivery within the UK (delivery times may vary to the Highlands, islands, and Northern Ireland).

        Detailed specifications:

        Origin: China
        Battery Type: Lithium-Ferro-Phosphate (LFP)
        Nominal Capacity: 4.8-76.8kWh
        Usable Capacity: 4.56kWh - 72.96kWh
        Nominal Voltage: 48V
        Charge/Discharge Current: Recommended: 50A; Max. 100A
        Scalability: Up to 16 units in parallel
        Design life: 15+ years @ 25°C
        Communixation Port: RS485, CAN
        Cycle Life: >6000 (25°C, @95% DOD)
        Installation Location: Indoor
        Cooling: Natural
        Single String Quantity: 16
        Operating TemperatureCharge 0°C ~ +50°C Discharge -10°C ~ +50°C
        IP Rating: IP20
        Net Weight: 38kg
        Size:  442 * 400 * 161mm

        In the Box:

        • 1 X PYLONTECH US5000 4.8kWh Solar Battery,
        • 1 X PYLONTECH US5000 4.8kWh Solar BatteryUser's Manual.

        Documents available for download:

        Data Sheet US5000 and US5000B

        Pylontech US5000 Operation Manual

        Pylontech US Series Warranty

        Frequently Asked Questions:

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