Fox ESS Hybrid K Series 10kW Single Phase Inverter

By Fox ESS

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Unlock Maximum Efficiency with the FoxESS KH10 Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

The FoxESS KH10 presents a sleek 10kW single-phase IP65 full hybrid inverter, designed to enhance your solar experience with maximum efficiency. Utilising high-voltage batteries, it ensures optimal round-trip efficiency, amplifying the productivity of your solar setup.

Streamlined Installation, Effortless Management

Installing the FoxESS KH10 is a breeze, saving you valuable time on-site. With the FoxESS Cloud, remote monitoring and control become effortlessly accessible, empowering seamless support from any location.

Key Features of FoxESS KH10

  • Enhanced Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with ECS2900, ECS4100, ECS4300, ECS4800, and HV2600, offering flexibility and scalability for your needs.
  • Robust Outdoor Solution: IP65 rated for outdoor installations, ensuring durability and reliability in any environment.
  • Remote Monitoring: Stay connected through the web portal or smartphone, facilitated by the included Wi-Fi dongle for convenient monitoring and management.
  • Efficient Cooling: Natural cooling mechanisms guarantee whisper-quiet operation, enhancing user experience.
  • Optimal Solar Production: Quad MPPT technology optimizes solar production, maximizing energy generation.
  • Built-in Surge Protection: Equipped with Type II AC & DC surge protection for enhanced safety and longevity.

Durable Outdoor Design

The FoxESS KH9 boasts a durable outdoor design, expertly crafted to withstand various environmental conditions with ease. With its IP65 rating, this hybrid inverter is specifically tailored for outdoor installations, guaranteeing resilience and dependability in any setting. Whether enduring extreme weather or challenging climates, you can trust that the FoxESS KH9 will deliver consistent performance and reliability.

Convenient Remote Monitoring

Enjoy effortless monitoring and management of your energy system with the FoxESS KH9's convenient remote monitoring capabilities. Track your system's performance and status seamlessly through a user-friendly web portal or smartphone application. This intuitive interface provides real-time insights, offering peace of mind and efficient management from anywhere, at any time.

Expandable Battery Capacity

Adapt to evolving energy needs with the FoxESS KH9's expandable battery capacity feature. Easily augment your battery capacity as required, ensuring that your energy system grows alongside your changing requirements. This flexibility allows you to customise your energy setup to suit your unique needs, maximising efficiency and performance.

Optimized Solar Production

Maximise your solar energy output with the FoxESS KH9's optimised solar production capabilities. Equipped with triple maximum power point trackers (MPPT), this hybrid inverter ensures optimal performance even in varying conditions. Whether it's cloudy days or fluctuating sunlight, the FoxESS KH9 guarantees efficient energy production, maximising your system's output and reliability.

Impressive Efficiency Rating

Attain unparalleled efficiency with the FoxESS KH9's remarkable 97% efficiency rating. This exceptional efficiency not only maximises energy output but also guarantees substantial long-term savings. By minimising energy wastage and maximising output, the FoxESS KH9 offers a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Fast Delivery Across the UK

Experience the benefits of the Fox ESS 8kW K Series Single Phase Hybrid Inverter with quick 2-3 working days delivery within the UK (longer to the Highlands, Islands, and Northern Ireland).

Battery Voltage Range [V]  85 - 480
Recommended Battery Voltage [V]  300VDC
Max. Charge/Discharge Current [A] 50
Communication Interfaces CAN / RS485
Reverse Connect Protection      YES
Max. Recommended DC Power [W] 15,000
Max. DC Voltage [V] 600
Norminal DC Operating Voltage [V] 360
Max. Input Current (Input A / Input B)[A]** 16/16/16/16
Max. Short Circuit Current (Input A / Input B) [A] 20/20/20/20
Max. Inverter Backfeed Current to the Array [mA] 0
MPPT Voltage Range [V] 80 ~ 500
Start-up Voltage [V] 75
No. of MPP Trackers 4
Strings Per MPP Tracker 1
Norminal AC Power [VA] 10,000
Max. Apparent AC power [VA] 10,500
Rated Grid Voltage (AC Voltage Range) [V] 220 / 230 / 240(180 ~ 270 )
Rated Grid Frequency [Hz] 50 / 60, ±5
Norminal AC Current [A] 43.5
Max. AC Current [A] 45.7
Max AC Power [VA] 18000
Max. AC Current [A] 78.3
Rated Grid Voltage (AC Voltage Range) [V] 220 / 230 / 240(180 ~ 270 )
Rated Grid Frequency [Hz] 50 / 60, ±5
Max. EPS Power [VA] 10,000
EPS Rated Voltage [V], Frequency [Hz] 220/230/240, 50 / 60
Max. EPS Current [A] 45.5
EPS Peak Power [W] 12000, 60s
Switch Time [ms] <20
Total Harmonic Distortion (THDv, Linear Load) [%] <2
Parallel operation Yes @max10PCS
MPPT Efficiency [%] 99.90
Euro-efficiency [%] 97.40
Max. Efficiency [%] 97.80
Max. Battery Charge Efficiency (PV to BAT) (@Full Load) [%] 98.50
Max. Battery Charge / Discharge Efficiency (BAT to AC) (@Full Load) [%] 97.00
PV Reverse Polarity Protection YES
Battert Reverse Protection YES
Anti-islanding Protection YES
Output Short Protection YES
Leakage Current Protection YES
Insulation Resistor Detection YES
Over-current Protection / Over-temperature Protection YES
Standby Consumption [W] (Ldle) <15
Dimensions (W * H * D) [mm] 450*527*208
Cooling Concept Natural
Topology Non-isolated
Communication Meter(Optinal), WIFI, 4G (Optional), DRM, USB, CT, RS485
LCD Display Backlight 16*4 Character

* More technical characteristics are avaliable on demand and customized.
** The maxium generating power of each pv string is limited to 3300 watts

  • Inverter (A): The central component of your solar setup, ensuring efficient energy conversion.
  • Bracket (B): Provides sturdy support for mounting your inverter securely.
  • WiFi/GPRS/LAN Module (Optional) (K): Enhances connectivity options for remote monitoring and control.
  • PV Connectors (Only for KH) (C): Eight connectors (four positive, four negative) for seamless integration of photovoltaic panels.
  • Meter (Optional) (L): Provides valuable insights into energy consumption and system performance.
  • PV Pin Contacts (Only for KH) (D): Eight pin contacts (four positive, four negative) for secure connections to photovoltaic panels.
  • CT Extension Connector (M): Facilitates the extension of current transformer connections for enhanced monitoring capabilities.
  • AC Connectors (E): Two connectors for connecting your inverter to the AC power supply.
  • Hexagonal Screws (N): Three screws for secure installation of components.
  • Expansion Tubes & Expansion Screws (F): Six tubes and screws for expansion and reinforcement of mounting structure.
  • Expansion Screws (For Ground Installation) (O): Four screws specifically designed for ground installation.
  • Earth Terminal (G): Ensures proper grounding for safe and efficient operation.
  • Battery Connectors (P): Two connectors (one positive, one negative) for connecting batteries to your system.
  • Communication Connector (H): Facilitates communication between components for seamless system integration.
  • Battery Pin Contacts (Q): Two pin contacts (one positive, one negative) for secure connections to batteries.
  • Product Manual (I): Comprehensive guide providing instructions and information for installation and operation.
  • CT (with 10m Cable) (R): Current transformer with a 10-meter cable for monitoring energy flow within your system.
Please watch the Fox 10kW K Series Single Phase Hybrid Inverter Video: