Fox ESS Hybrid H1 5.0kW Single Phase Charger Inverter

By Fox ESS

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Maximize Energy Efficiency with Fox ESS H1 5.0kW Hybrid Inverter

Discover the simplicity of installation and efficient energy management with the Fox ESS H1 5.0kW hybrid inverter. Save valuable time during installation and enjoy convenient remote monitoring through your smartphone or web portal.


  • Utilize High Voltage Batteries: Benefit from the advanced technology of high voltage battery systems Fox ESS HV2600-V2, Fox ESS ECS2900, Fox ESS ECS4100, Fox ESS ECS4300, and Fox ESS ECS4800.
  • IP65 Rated - Suitable for Outdoor Installations: With an IP65 rating, the inverter is suitable for seamless outdoor installations.
  • Remote Monitoring via Web Portal or Smartphone: Stay connected and monitor your system remotely through a web portal or smartphone.
  • Expandable Battery Capacity: Easily expand your battery capacity for enhanced energy storage as needed.
  • Dual MPPT - Ensure Optimal Solar Production: Ensure maximum solar production efficiency with the dual MPPT design.
  • High Round-trip Efficiency of 97%: Experience a high round-trip efficiency of 97% for effective energy utilization.
  • Included Accessories: The box includes CT clamps, a meter, and a WiFi stick for added convenience.

Key Features:

  • The Fox ESS H1 5.0kW Hybrid Charger Inverter is a top-tier device designed to convert solar energy into AC energy for storage in a battery. With a flexible configuration, plug-and-play setup, and built-in fuse protection, it boasts an IP65 rating for outdoor installations.
  • Four Work Modes:
    • Self-use (with PV power): Optimize self-consumption by using energy produced by the PV system. Excess energy charges the batteries and is exported to the grid.
    • Self-use (without PV power): When no PV power is supplied, the battery discharges for local loads first, and the grid supplies power when the battery capacity is insufficient.
    • Feed-in Priority: Use an external generator to power local loads first, exporting excess power to the grid and charging the battery.
    • Force Time Use: Ideal for peak and off-peak pricing, allowing users to use off-peak electricity to charge the battery. Flexibly set charging and discharging times and choose whether to charge from the grid. Use stored energy during peak times.
    • Back-up (EPS) Mode: During grid outages, the system supplies emergency power from PV or a battery to support home loads.
  • The Fox ESS H1 5.0kW Hybrid Charger Inverter seamlessly integrates with smart Agile tariffs, offering compatibility with Octopus Energy and other Economy 7 energy providers. Additionally, it supports external backup generators for prolonged grid outages.
  • Fast Delivery Across the UK: Experience the benefits of the Fox ESS H1 5.0kW Hybrid Charger Inverter with quick 2-3 working days delivery within the UK (longer to the Highlands, islands, and Northern Ireland).

      Detailed specifications:

      Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
      Battery Voltage: 85-450V
      Max. Charge/Discharge Current: 40A
      Communication Interface: CAN(Communicate With Inverter), RS485 (Upgrade BMS)
      INPUT PV
      Max. Input Power: 6500W
      Max. Input Voltage: 600V
      Start-up Input Voltage: 75V
      Rated Input Voltage: 360V
      MPPT Operating Voltage Range: 80-550V
      Max. Input Current: 13.5A/13.5A
      Max. Short-circuit Current: 15A/15A
      No. of Independent MPP Trackers: 2
      No. of Strings per MPP Tracker: 1
      Max. AC Input Power: 10000VA
      Max. Input Current (per phase): 45.5A
      Rated Output Power: 5000W
      Max. Output Apparent Power: 5500VA
      Rated Output Current (per phase): 21.7A
      Max. Output Current: 23.9A
      Rated Grid Voltage: 220-240VAC
      Rated Grid Frequency: 50/60Hz
      Power Factor: 1 ( Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging )
      THDi: <3% @rated power
      Max. Output Apparent Power: 6000VA
      Peak Output Apparent Power (60sec): 7200VA
      Max. Current (per phase): 26.1A
      Rated Output Voltage: 220-240VAC
      Rated Output Frequency: 50/60Hz
      Power Factor: 1 ( Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging )
      THDi (linear load): <2% @rated power
      Switch Time: 20ms
      Max. Efficiency: 97.80%
      Max. Battery Charge Efficiency (PV to BAT) (@full load): 98.5%
      Max. Battery Discharge Efficiency (BAT to AC)(@full load): 97.00%
      Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +60°C
      Protection Degree: IP65
      Size: 430 x 410 x 178mm
      Net Weight: 23kg

      In the Box:

      • 1 X Fox ESS H1 5.0kW AC Charger Inverter,
      • 1 X Fox ESS H1 5.0kW AC Charger Inverter User's Manual.
      Frequently Asked Questions:

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