Fox ESS HV EC2900 5.76-20.16kWh HV Battery System


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Revolutionise Your Energy Storage with Fox ESS Energy Cube HV EC2900 from 5.76kWh to 20.16kWh

The Fox ESS Energy Cube HV EC2900, available in Master and Slave configurations, is a cutting-edge 2.88kWh high-voltage battery pack featuring ECS high-performance, scalable modules. With a modular design offering maximum flexibility, this battery system requires a minimum of 2 modules (Master + Slave) to function and supports up to 7 modules in a stack, providing a robust storage capacity of 20.2kWh (1 Master and 6 Slaves). Enjoy easy installation through a plug-and-play solution, saving valuable time for installers.

Key Features:

  • The Fox ESS EC2900 battery is meticulously crafted for seamless integration with Fox HV AC1 3.7kW, and Fox HV AC1 5.0kW AC Coupled Charger Inverters, or Fox H1 3.7kWFox H1 5.0kW, and Fox H1 6.0kW Hybrid Inverters.
  • 95% charge/discharge efficiency.
  • 90% Depth of Discharge.
  • Wide Temperature Tolerance.
  • Easy Installation.
  • ≥6000 Life Cycles.
  • CAN/RS485 Communication.
  • Low Voltage.
  • These batteries are version 2 (V2) and will not work with existing installations using version 1. Connector types A and B available - select your required option.

Experience Unparalleled Performance with Fox ESS Battery Storage Solutions

Fox ESS Battery Storage Solutions redefine industry standards by offering top-notch performance at competitive prices. Introducing the next generation of high-voltage batteries, Fox batteries come equipped with advanced features to ensure unmatched reliability.

Swift Delivery to Meet Your Energy Needs

Experience the future of energy storage with Fox ESS Energy Cube HV EC2900. Benefit from a 2-3 working days delivery within the UK (longer to the Highlands, islands, and Northern Ireland).

Installation and VAT refund available - please call 020 8064 0335 or email for a quote.

        Detailed specifications:

        FOX ESS HV EC2900 (Master) & EC2900 (Slave) 2.88KWH BATTERY PACKS
        Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
        Nominal Capacity: 2.88kWh
        Nominal Voltage with Multiple Slave Batteries: 1pc - 115.2V; 2pcs - 172.8V; 3pcs - 230.4V; 4pcs - 288.0V; 5pcs - 345.6V; 6pcs - 403.2V
        Operating Voltage with Multiple Slave Batteries1pc - 97.2-131.4V; 2pcs - 145.8-197.1V; 3pcs - 194.4-262.8V4pcs - 243-328.5V; 5pcs - 291.6-394.2V; 6pcs - 340.2-459.9V
        Recommended Discharge Current: 25A
        Max. Charge/Discharge Current: 50A
        Peak Discharge Current: 65A @30sec
        Battery Pack Round-Trip Efficiency: >95%
        Depth of Discharge: 90%
        Cycle Life: >6000*
        Communication: CAN
        Installation Location: Outdoor/Indoor (Standard)
        Ingress Protection: IP65
        Operating Temperature: -10 ... +55°C
        Storage Temperature: -20 ... +55°C
        Cooling Method: Natural Convection
        Moisture: 0% to 100% (No Condensing)
        Weight with Multiple Slave Batteries: 1pc - 67.1kg; 2pcs - 99.5kg; 3pcs - 131.9kg; 4pcs - 164.3kg; 5pcs - 196.7kg; 6pcs - 229.1kg
        Size (W*H*D) with Multiple Slave Batteries:  1pc - 570*350*380mm; 2pcs - 570*470*380mm ; 3pcs - 570*590*380mm; 4pcs - 570*710*380mm; 5pcs - 570*830*380mm; 6pcs - 570*950*380mm
        Safety: IEC 62619
        *1 25C, @90% DOD, 0.5C charging/discharging
        In the Box:

        • 1 X Fox ECS HV EC2900 (Master) 2.88kWh Solar Battery,
        • 1...6 X Fox ECS HV EC2900 (Slave) 2.88kWh Solar Battery
        • ECS EC2900 (Master) & EC2900 (Slave) User's Manual.
        Frequently Asked Questions:

        Any questions? Call us on 020 8064 0335 or email