Fox ESS HV2600 BMS-V2 High Voltage BMS


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Unleash Power Safely with High Voltage Fox ESS HV2600 BMS-V2 Battery Management System

Ensure the optimal performance and safety of your energy storage system with the High Voltage Fox ESS HV2600 BMS-V2 Battery Management System. This advanced technology is a crucial component for managing high-capacity HV2600-V2 batteries, offering a seamless integration for Fox ESS AC1 Charger Inverters and H1 Hybrid Inverters.

The use of the FoxESS BMS battery control system extends battery life, which is a very profitable investment. It reduces the risk of failures related to energy storage in batteries. It also allows you to constantly monitor the charge level. It is distinguished by compact dimensions, a wide operating range in terms of voltage and temperature, as well as the presence of RS485 and CAN communication interfaces.

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Key Details:

  • Essential Requirement: A single BMS-V2 is required per stack of HV2600-V2 batteries.
  • Installation Brackets: One pair of Fox HV Battery Brackets is required for BMS!
  • Minimum Battery Configuration: A minimum of 2 batteries is required for the system.
  • Compatibility: The BMS-V2 is exclusively required for Fox ESS AC1 Charger Inverters and H1 Hybrid Inverters when coupled with HV2600-V2 batteries.
  • Weight: The BMS-V2 weighs 8.75kg, ensuring a lightweight yet robust addition to your energy storage setup.

Elevate your energy storage experience with the High Voltage Fox ESS BMS-V2 Battery Management System—an indispensable solution for efficiency and safety.

In the Box:
  • 1 X  Fox ESS BMS-V2,
  • 1 X F Fox ESS BMS-V2 User's Manual.
  • 1 X Mounting screw pack
  • 1 X Main negative battery connection cable (0.17m)
  • 1 X Main positive battery connection cable (1.3m)
  • 1 X Grounding cable (1m)
  • 1 X Communication cable (BMS-inverter) (1.2m)
  • 1 X Fixing bracket
  • 1 X DC negative output cable (1.2m)

Documents available for download:

User manual for Fox ESS High Voltage BMS V2

Fox HV BMS-2 Cyber Security


Frequently Asked Questions:

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