Renusol ConSole+ Ground & Flat Roof Solar Mounting Trays

By Renusol

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Unlocking Solar Potential: ConSole+ Ground & Flat Roof Solar Mounting Trays

Experience the epitome of simplicity, speed, and safety with the ConSole+ Ground & Flat Roof Mounts—an optimal solution for ground-mounted PV modules. Specifically designed for unstable ground conditions or situations where a fixed ground mount is impractical, the ConSole+ accommodates most commercially available framed standard PV modules, providing a stable angle of 15 degrees.

Securely anchored with ballast, such as gravel or paving slabs, the ConSole+ stands resilient against wind loads. The required ballast weight varies based on location, ground conditions, and wind and snow loads, with detailed reference values provided in "Preparing the Assembly - Point 2" on Page 5 of the installation manual.

Key Installation Steps:

  1. Positioning: Place ConSole+ in the desired location.
  2. Ballasting: Fill with appropriate ballast material.
  3. Module Attachment: Easily screw on the solar module.

Proven Performance Since 2003:

  • Consistent positive long-term experience with the system.
  • System warranty: 10 years.

Key Features:

  • No special equipment needed; no drilling required.
  • Ideal for areas with unstable ground or landfills.
  • Easy handling and installation with a rapid installation time.
  • Environmentally friendly with low dismantling costs.
  • Cost-effective installation with the option for low- or no-cost ballasting materials (e.g., gravel).

Witness nearly two decades of success with a system that is simple, fast, and reliable. Choose ConSole+ and elevate your solar installation experience.

    Detailed Specifications

    • Applications: Flat roofs, landfills, open spaces, green areas, pavement around the house, and olters.
    • Roof slope: Max. 5° without additional measures.
    • PV Module tilt: 15°.
    • PV Module length: 1550 mm - 2400 mm.
    • PV Module width between mounting holes: 895 mm - 1015 mm (1085 mm with elongations rails).
    • Material: HDPE, aluminium and stainless steel.
    • Ambient temperature: -30°C to +50°C.
    • Dimensions: Width: 1.730mm, Depth: 1.100 mm, Height: 390mm.
    • Weight: 8kg

    Pack includes

    1 x ConSole+
    2 x ConSole U-Profile 1035 mm
    4 x Hexag screw DIN933-M6x20 A2-70
    4 x Washer DIN9021-6,4-A2
    4 x Self-locking hexag nut DIN985-M6-A2
    4 x ConSole Clip
    4 x Hexag screw DIN7504-ST5,5x25-A2-SW8