SolaX X3-FIT 10.0W 3-Phase AC Coupled HV Inverter

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Effortless PV System Upgrade with SolaX X3-FIT 10.0W 3-Phase AC Coupled HV Inverter

Trade Only Product - MCS or NICEIC Membership Required

Experience the unmatched power of our advanced energy storage inverter, which combines efficiency, safety, and intelligence in a simplified design for easy single-person installation. Enjoy exceptional features such as high charging and discharging efficiency and built-in shadow tracking. The inverter ensures durability and compatibility, even in low-temperature environments, with IP65 protection. Easily store surplus energy and benefit from intelligent load management. Enjoy seamless solar and storage integration with smart EV chargers. Choose from versatile operation modes, including on/off-grid parallel and VPP-readiness, unlocking limitless opportunities in the power market. Unleash the full potential of our local energy solution for a smarter, greener future.

Note: The SolaX X3-FIT 10.0W 3-Phase AC Coupled HV Inverter supports a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 batteries. It's essential to use batteries of the same capacity, as different capacities cannot be connected to one inverter.

High Efficiency:

  • Up to 110% AC overload output
  • Higher efficiency on charging and discharging, up to 98.5%


  • Store the surplus energy in the battery
  • Less energy loss from battery to inverter


  • Up to 150% EPS output for 10 seconds
  • Switchover time less than 10ms
  • Quick configuration with U-disk
  • Compatible with lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries
  • Intelligent load management (e.g., heat pump)
  • On and off-grid parallel function, up to 150kW
  • 5 operation modes, 2 charging periods available
  • VPP ready, ancillary service in the power market
  • Three-phase unbalanced output with a maximum 5kW output power on a single phase

Key Features:

This high-quality inverter efficiently converts solar energy into AC energy, storing it in a battery for future use. Noteworthy features include:

  • Addition of Batteries to Existing PV Systems: Easily integrates into existing PV systems, upgrading to solar battery storage without altering the current installation.
  • Versatile Installation: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use with an IP65 rating.
  • Compatible High Voltage Batteries: Compatible with high voltage batteries for enhanced storage capacity SolaX Triple Power T30 3.0-9.0/12.0kWh, and SolaX Triple Power HV 5.8-17.3kWh battery banks.
  • Multiple Protection: Equipped with safety features such as RCD, isolation, over-voltage, over-temperature, earth protection, and short-circuit protection.
  • Transformer-Free Design: Incorporates software and hardware protection for reliable performance.

Fast Delivery Across the UK:

Experience the advantages of the SolaX X3-FIT 10.0W 3-Phase AC Coupled HV Inverter with swift 2-3 working days' delivery across the UK.

      Detailed specifications:

      Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
      Battery Voltage: 180-800V
      Max. Charge/Discharge Current: 30A
      Max. input apparent AC power: 20,000VA
      Max. Input Current: 32A
      Nominal grid voltage(AC voltage range): 220/230/240
      Nominal grid Frequency/range: 50/60Hz
      Nominal AC power: 10,000W
      Max. Output Apparent Power: 11,000VA
      Max. AC Current: 16.1A 
      Nominal grid voltage(AC voltage range): 380 / 220; 400 / 230; 415 / 240V
      Nominal Grid Frequency: 50/60Hz
      Displacement power factor: 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging 
      THDi: <3% @rated power
      Nominal output power: 10,000W
      Peak apparent power: 15,000VA, 60 min
      Max. continuous current: 14.5A
      Nominal voltage; frequency: 400 / 230V; 50 / 60Hz
      Switch time: <10ms
      Parallel operation: YES
      Max. Battery charge efficiency: 98.5%
      Max. Battery discharge efficiency: 97.5%
      Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +60 (derating at 45)
      Protection Degree: IP65
      Size:  503*503*199mm
      Net Weight: 30kg

      In the Box:
      • 1 X SolaX X3-FIT 10.0W 3-Phase AC Coupled HV Inverter,
      • 1 X SolaX X3-FIT 10.0W 3-Phase AC Coupled HV Inverter User's Manual.

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