SolaX T58 Triple Power HV 5.8-17.3kWh LFP Battery System

By SolaX

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Elevate Your Energy Storage with SolaX T58 Triple Power HV 5.8-17.3kWh LFP V2 Battery System

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The SolaX Triple Power HV 5.8kWh LFP V2 battery system is available as a Master Battery 5.8kWh V2 and a Slave Battery 5.8kWh V2. Each Master can be installed with up 3 Slave batteries in series (charger dependent) for up to 23.2kWh storage capacity ***. The Battery System matches perfectly to SolaX X1-Hybrid, X3-Hybrid, and X1-AC inverters.

*** Please note: Only 1 or 2 Slave batteries can be used with 1x Master in a single-phase system (Maximum 3 batteries in total) and 1, 2 or 3 Slave batteries can be used with 1x Master in a three-phase system (Maximum 4 batteries in total).  

Key Features:

  • Scalable to 17.3kWh Single Phase: The SolaX Triple Power Master Battery is scalable, allowing you to install multiple batteries in series, expanding your energy storage capacity to a remarkable 17.4kWh. This flexibility ensures that your energy needs are met, whether you’re looking for a small-scale or extensive storage solution.
  • 4kW Charge/Discharge Rate: With a 4kW charge and discharge rate, this battery enables rapid and efficient energy transfer, ensuring that you can access stored energy whenever you need it.
  • Online Monitoring: Gain insight and control over your energy storage like never before with online monitoring. Monitor your battery’s status in real-time, access historical charging data, and even schedule when you want to charge your battery from the grid during cost-effective electricity tariff periods. The intuitive app or Web portal provides convenient accessibility from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Floor or Wall Mountable: The Solax Triple Power battery is adaptable to your space. It can be easily mounted on the floor or the wall, allowing for versatile installation in various settings.
  • High Voltage and Safety: This battery is designed with high voltage and boasts the safest LiFePO4 battery technology. It provides wider temperature tolerances, ensuring safe and reliable performance under diverse conditions. With a 10-year warranty and a 90% depth of discharge, the Solax Triple Power Master Battery offers a dependable and high-performance energy storage solution.
  • Real-time Display and Functionality Control: Monitor your battery in real-time, check its current charge, and access historical charging data conveniently through the app or web portal. Additionally, you can choose when and how you want to charge your battery from the grid during periods of lower electricity costs, all at your fingertips using your smartphone or tablet.

  • Prompt Delivery: Benefit from the advanced features of SolaX Triple Power HV 5.8kWh LFP battery system with prompt 2-3 working days delivery within the UK (longer to the Highlands, islands, and Northern Ireland).

Power up your energy storage capabilities with this reliable and efficient solution from SolaX.


      Detailed specifications:

      No Battery Modules in System (Single Phase):
      Total System Capacity:
      Useable Capacity: 10.4kWh 15.5kWh
      Niminal Voltage: 230.4V 345.6V
      Voltage Range
      Charge/Discharge Current (Recommended):  
      Charge/Discharge Current (Maximum):  
      Depth of Discharge: 
      Cycle Life (25°C, @90% DOD):
      Warranty Years
      Working Temperature: 
      Full-load Operating Temperature Range:
      4% to 100% 
      4% to 100% 
      Ingress Protection
      Net Weight
      Size ((W*D*H):  

      In the Box:

      • 1 X SolaX Triple Power HV 5.8kWh LFP Main Battery MASTER V2
      • 1-2 X SolaX Triple Power HV 5.8kWh LFP Extension Battery SLAVE V2,
      • 1 X Quick Installation Guide,
      • 1 X Triple Power Lithium-ion Battery User Manual.
      Frequently Asked Questions:

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