Ground Mounted Kits of JA Solar 365W Solar Panel & Renusol ConSole+ Ground Mounts


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Unlock Solar Power Anywhere with JA Solar 365W Mono Solar Panels & Renusol ConSole+ Ground Mounts Kit

Discover the perfect solution for your stationary power needs with the JA Solar 365W Mono Solar Panels coupled with the reliable Renusol ConSole+ Ground Mounts. Ideal for home, garden offices, sheds, or garages, this ground-mounted kit offers exceptional performance and durability, making it an excellent alternative to roof-mounted solar panels.


Key Features:

  • High-Efficiency PERC Module: The multi-busbar Half-Cut Mono Cell technology with passivated backside (PERC) ensures increased efficiency and yield.

  • Durable, Dust & Water Resistant: JA Solar's monocrystalline modules provide an excellent response in extreme temperature conditions and low solar radiation. The advanced, textured glass surface offers resistance to sea salt, ammonia, dust, or sand.

  • Reliability with Half-Cut Cell Technology:
    • Lower internal current, lower hot spot temperature.
    • Limited cell crack risk to smaller areas.
    • Innovative symmetrical module design for better shading tolerance.
    • Handles heavy snow load up to 5400Pa and increased wind load up to 2400Pa.
  • Superior Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year extra linear power output warranty.

  • In the Box:
    • JA Solar 365W Monocrystalline Solar Panel
    • JA Solar 365W Monocrystalline Solar Panel User Manual
    • ConSole+ Ground Mount
  • Shipping: 2-3 WORKING DAY SHIPPING if ordered by 5 PM on a working day (longer to the Scottish Highlands, islands, and Northern Ireland).

Invest in the future of sustainable energy with the JA Solar 365W Mono Solar Panels & Renusol ConSole+ Ground Mounts Kit, providing reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly power solutions for your space.

Detailed specifications:

Rated (Peak) Power (Wp): 365W in Standard 1000w/m2 solar light
Part Number: JAM60S-21-365-MR-AB-MC4-SM
Open Circuit Voltage: 41.13V (Vmp =33.96V)  
Short Circuit Current: 11.30A (Imp = 10.75A)
Efficiency: 19.6%
Cell Type: Monocrystaline Silicon
Connector Type: MC4
Certification: CE IEC ISO OHSAS
Net Weight: 20.2 KG
Size:  1769 X 1052 X 30 mm
Mounting hole gap: 1006 mm


Discover the innovation of ConSole+ Ground Mounts, an optimal solution for ground-mounted PV modules, even on unstable terrain and without the need for ground fixation. With a 15-degree angle, ConSole+ ensures an ideal position for solar panels, providing efficiency and stability.

Key Features of ConSole+ Ground Mounts:

  • Quick and Simple Installation: No special equipment or drilling needed; ConSole+ is securely fixed with ballast, making it perfect for unstable ground installations.
  • Versatile, Secure, and Easy Handling: Navigate various terrains with ease while maintaining a secure and stable foundation for your solar modules.
  • Cost-Effective: Experience lower installation costs compared to traditional roof-mounted solar panels, making solar energy more accessible.
  • Environmentally Friendly Design: Easily remove after use with minimal dismantling costs, leaving a minimal environmental footprint.
  • Proven Performance: With nearly 20 years of successful use, ConSole+ modules have established a reputation for being simple, fast, and safe.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Applications: Suitable for flat roofs, open spaces, gardens, pavement around the house, landfills, and more.
  • Roof Slope: Maximum 5° without additional measures.
  • PV Module Tilt: 15° for optimized solar exposure.
  • PV Module Length: 1550 mm - 2400 mm.
  • PV Module Width Between Mounting Holes: 895 mm - 1015 mm (1085 mm with elongation rails).
  • Material: HDPE, aluminium, and stainless steel for durability.
  • Ambient Temperature: -30°C to +50°C.
  • Dimensions: Width: 1765mm, Depth: 1048 mm, Height: 35mm.
  • Weight: 8kg.

Experience the Reliability of ConSole+ Ground Mounts with a 10-Year System Warranty.

Documents available for download:

Renusol Console+ Installation Manual

Renusol Console+ Data Sheet