Main components:
All-in-one 3000W Solar Power Generator including
  • PWM Solar Controller 48V 50A, Efficiency > 85%;
  • LiFePO4 Battery 51.2V 120Ah (6144Wh), 2000 Cycles Min;
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter 48V 3000W; and

6x300W Foldable or 6x350W Rigid Solar Panel 36V.

Solar Charge port (*1): Connected to the solar pane(s) 1800 -2800W 60-44V;
AC Charge port (*1): Connected to the mains 220-240VAC 50Hz;

USB-A port (*4), 5V, 1A, 20W Max;
DC5521 port (*4), 12V, 5A, 240W Max;
AC Socket (*2), 220VAC+/-2% (Battery Mode) 220VAC+/-10% (AC Mode); 3000W max AC total load;

Note: The total AC + DC load should not exceed 3000W !

Working Temperature:
Operating: -10~40℃
Storage: -25~60℃

Dimensions and Weight (without solar panels)

Product Size: 82cm*45cm*73cm
Product Weight: 90.2kg

Package Size: 88cm*51cm*86cm 
Package Weight: 100kg                                           

Certification: CE/ROHS