PYLONTECH PELIO-L 5.12-102.4kWh LV Solar Battery System


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PYLONTECH PELIO-L: The Fantastic Residential Energy Storage Solution

Unlock the future of energy storage with the PYLONTECH PELIO-L, a cutting-edge 5.12kW LiFePO4 battery designed to revolutionize residential storage applications.


  • Key Advantages of PYLONTECH PELIO-L 5.12-102.4kWh LV Solar Battery System:
    • Latest Innovation: The newest addition to Pylontech's energy storage solutions.
    • Advanced Monitoring: Incorporates BMS technology for precise monitoring of cells.
    • Optimal Usability: Offers up to 95% usable capacity and a remarkable 8000-cycle life
    • Compact Modularity: Boasts a compact, modular design for space-saving and installation flexibility.
  • Discover the Solution You've Always Dreamed Of:
    • Modular Expansion: Effortless expansion tailored to your energy needs.
    • Depth of Discharge: Achieves a remarkable 95% Depth of Discharge (DoD), enhancing efficiency.
    • High Usable Capacity: Provides a substantial usable capacity of 4864Wh, catering to various energy demands.
    • Parallel Capability: Allows parallel connection of up to 20 units  (3-modules stack for wall mounting and 4-modules stack for ground mounting) for a scalable and powerful energy storage system.
    • Intelligent BMS: Incorporates an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) for enhanced cell protection.
    • Robust Lifecycle: Boasts an impressive 8000 cycles or 15+ years ensuring long-lasting performance.
    • Communication Compatibility: RS485 and CAN compatible, ensuring seamless communication.
  • Flexible Installation: Options for Rack mount or Wall-mount configurations.
  • Cutting-Edge Features of PYLONTECH PELIO-L 5.12-102.4kWh LV Battery System:
    • Advanced Cell Technology: Developed with Pylontech's lithium iron phosphate cells for superior performance.
    • Safety Assurance: Vertical industry integration ensures the highest safety standards.
    • Intelligent BMS Protection: Self-designed BMS protects cells from abnormal conditions.
    • Tailored for Low Voltage Systems: Ideal solution for low voltage systems (48V), ensuring simplicity and modularity.
    • Versatile Integration: Guarantees simplicity and modularity for all single-phase inverters.
    • Integrated BMS: Features integrated BMS managing and monitoring cell status.
    • Protection Mechanism: Functions as an overload and over-current protection system.
  • Delivery: 2-3 WORKING DAYS delivery within the UK (delivery times may vary to the Highlands, islands, and Northern Ireland).

Detailed specifications:

Battery Type: Lithium-Ferro-Phosphate (LFP
Nominal Capacity: 5120Wh
Useable Capacity: 4864Wh
Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
Discharge Voltage: 44.8 - 58.8V
Charge Voltage: 56 - 56.8V
Recommended Charge/Discharge Current: 80A
Max. Charge/Discharge Current: 100~120@15min
Peak Charge/Discharge Current: 120~200@15sec
Communication Port: RS485, CAN
Depth of Discharge: 95%
Scalability: Up to 20 units in parallel
Cycle Life: >8000 (25°C)
Installation Location: Indoor/Outdoor
Operating Temperature: Charge: 0 ~+50°C, Discharge: -10 ~ +50°C
Shelf Temperature: 0 ~ +40°C (6 months), -20 ~ +45°C (3 months)
Humidity: 5% to 95% (No Condensing)
Ingress Protection: IP65
Net Weight: 45kg
Size:  395*578*165mm

In the Box:
  • 1 X PYLONTECH PELIO-L 5.12-102.4kWh LV Solar Battery,
  • 1 X PYLONTECH PELIO-L 5.12-102.4kWh LV Solar BatteryUser's Manual.
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