EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit 5kWh Kit

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Introducing the PowerOcean DC Fit: Simplifying Solar Storage for Your Home

The EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit seamlessly connects to your solar panel array, eliminating the need to install a storage inverter or replace your existing solar inverter. This groundbreaking technology reduces installation times and administrative burdens by bypassing the need for additional on-grid permits. This solution is perfect for homeowners with an existing Feed-in Tariff solar system who want to add battery storage to their system - your Feed-in Tariff income is unaffected, while you can save solar power generated during the day for use when the sun is not shining. 

Engineered with cutting-edge technology and a relentless focus on protecting homes and families, the PowerOcean DC Fit sets a new benchmark for secure and dependable energy storage.

This innovative system ensures homeowners enjoy unmatched efficiency and performance, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted power supply, even during unexpected outages or emergencies.

The price includes a basic set of cables, protection disconnectors, and accessories required to create a fully operational system. User manuals and a connection diagram will be supplied with your order. 

The system must be installed by a licensed electrician or solar installer in compliance with all applicable regulations and guidance. For residential dwellings, guidance here must be followed. 

Are you an electrician or solar installer? This product is easy and fast to install. Delight your customers while making additional income. Enquire here about becoming an authorised partner today. 

  • An easy and unique PV-coupled retrofit battery storage solution:  With EcoFlow's unique PV-coupling technology, PowerOcean DC Fit enables direct connection of the battery to the solar system on the PV side, eliminating the need for an additional storage inverter. This streamlined installation process saves valuable time while maximising the benefit of your existing solar system.
    By seamlessly integrating 5kWh of battery storage into your home solar system, PowerOcean DC Fit empowers users to achieve energy self-sufficiency easily and cost-effectively.

  • Retrofit simply by connecting battery storage with solar panels: Maximise the solar system benefits with lower investment. Compared to conventional hybrid inverter and home battery systems, PowerOcean DC Fit seamlessly integrates battery storage into your existing solar system, eliminating the need for an additional storage inverter. This innovative solution boosts your energy self-sufficiency without requiring significant modifications to your current solar inverter.
    - No storage inverter is needed
    - No need to replace the existing solar inverter, maintaining visibility and control over power usage, solar input, and battery storage.

  • Starting at 5kWh per battery pack: Boost your energy self-sufficiency with more flexibility and a lower investment.

  • Set up with fewer changes and simplified steps: Unlike other battery solutions on the market, the PowerOcean DC Fit connects its batteries directly to PV ports. There is no need to replace the existing solar inverter or change the wiring on the AC side, making the entire system straightforward to install. Saving weeks of waiting time for on-grid permit application* and significantly reducing installation time.
    Stack-up design with click-on battery terminals
    *Notifying the power provider of this change is advised. Regulations may vary region to region.
Battery Type: Lithium-Ferro-Phosphate (LFP
Nominal Capacity: 5.1kWh
Useable Capacity (95% Depth of Discharge): 4.8kWh
Max. Output Power: 3,300W
Max. Input Power: 2,500W
Nominal Voltage: 800V
Operating Voltage Range: 720-960V
Cycle Life: >6,000
Installation Location: Outdoor
Operating Temperature:  -20 ~ +50°C
Relative Humidity: 0%-100% (Condensing)
Cooling Method: Natural convection
Pretection Level: IP65
Net Weight: 59.2kg
Size:  680×183×452mm
Cetrificates: CB/CE MARK
Max. Input Charging Power: 5kW (2.5kW per string)
Max. Input Charging Current: 12A per string
Max. Input Voltage (Absolute Maximum): 1000Vdc
Operating Voltage Range: 150-800Vdc
Max. Input Current: 20A per string
Isc PV (Absolute Maximum): 21A
Supported Solar Inverter Type: Single phase / Three phase
Bypass Power: 15kW per string
Max. Output Current: 20A per string
Max. Output Voltage: 1000Vdc
Max. Output Discharging Power: 5kW (2.5kW per string)
Max. Output Discharging Current: 12A per string
Operating Output Voltage Range: 150-800V d.c.
Battery Discharging Voltage Range: 800-900V d.c.
Max. Discharging Current: 6.5A
Max. Discharging Power: 5.2kW
Battery Charging Voltage Range: 800-900V d.c.
Max. Charging Current: 6A
Max. Charging Power: 4.8kW
PV Insulation Resistance Detection: Supported
PV Reverse Polarity Protection: Supported
Overcurrent Protection: Supported
Overvoltage/Undervoltage Protection: Supported
DC Switch: Intergrated
Low/High Temperature Protection: Intergrated
Protective Class: I
Overvoltage Category (OVC): II (PV)
Operating Temperature Range: –20 to 50°C 
Operating Humidity: 0%-100% (Condensing)
IP Rating: IP65
Communication Method: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RS485
Dimensions (W×D×H): 588×175×380 (±1) (without trim cover), 588×175×455 (±1) (with trim cover)
Cooling Method: Natural convection
Communication Method: RS485 & CAN & Wi-Fi & Bluetooth & WAN & 4G
Certificates: CE, CB, TUV Mark

  • 1x BATTERY BASE 1 X Carton.

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