Alpicool 75L Portable Compressor Fridge/Freezer TWW75 with Battery - Solar Panel Optional



Alpicool TWW75 Fridge/Freezer: Your Trusted Travel companion!

The TWW75 Compressor Portable Fridge/Freezer by Alpicool is a brand-new model featuring the latest two-temperature control system function. It serves as an excellent portable fridge, catering to a wide array of refrigeration needs. This versatile appliance is perfect for various outdoor activities. Whether you're headed to the park for a family picnic or embarking on an extended camping trip, the New Alpicool TWW75 Portable Fridge/Freezer offers the best design for outdoor travel. Not only is it perfect for keeping your food fresh and drinks cold, but it also provides the convenience of two temperature zones, making it an ideal travel companion for the entire day.

The Alpicool TWW75 Fridge/Freezer is powered by a built-in lithium battery, rechargeable both at home using an AC wall charger and outdoors via a folding solar panel, a car cigarette lighter, or a 12V or 24V leisure battery. Ready for an adventure? The Alpicool TWW75 Fridge/Freezer is the ultimate choice!

WARNING! Avoid charging the battery with 12V DC power and a solar panel simultaneously to prevent potential damage to the refrigerator.

  • DUAL COMPARTMENT featuring individual temperature control for tailored refrigeration settings. Efficient compressor with adjustable ECO and MAX modes for enhanced functionality.
  • LCD DISPLAY PANEL, integrated LED light, and internal baskets for convenience and organisation. Digital control panel offering electronic temperature control for precise adjustments.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION suitable for cars, homes, outdoor activities, camping, RVs, campervans, boats, trucks, and caravans. Vibration-resistant design ensures device safety during travel in the car, complemented by a durable telescopic handle and wheels for easy mobility.
  • BUITL-IN LITHIUM BATTERY of 15600mAh (173Wh), presenting real-time battery power and voltage data on the control panel. The innovative battery design maintains cooling for up to 20 hours* when using the fridge/freezer outdoors.
  • MOBILE APPLICATION with Bluetooth-enabled remote control for adjusting the refrigerator temperature (compatible with iOS / Android). Bluetooth 5.0 version with a signal range of up to 20 meters.

    * Data from Alpicool experiment: Keeps a 50L fridge cool at 5°C for 20 hours when the ambient temperature is 25°C.

    Model: TWW75
    Total Capacity: 75L (Two Compartments of 29.5L and 45.5L)
    Independent Compartment Temperature Adjustment Range: -20°C to +20 °C
    Detachable Battery: Type Lithium-Ion, 15600mAh, 173Wh
    Cooling Mode: MAX (fast cooling) and ECO (energy saving)
    Power inputs:
    Car Lighter DC 12V/24V: 1
    Wall Socket Charger 220VAC: 1
    Solar Panel  12-50Vdc: 1, 10Amax; Capacity: 100-200W; Connector: DC5521
    Compressor Brand: LG
    Power Consumption: Rated Power 80W
    Noise Level: <45dB
    Oversize Wheels: Yes
    Telescopic Handle: Yes
    Fridge Dimensions: 937 x 535 x 465mm
    Net Weight: 26.5kg
    Certification: UKCA-EMC, UKCA-LVD, CE, SGS

    TWW75 Fridge/Freezer with 173Wh Battery installed X 1
    Car Lighter DC Adaptor X 1
    AC to DC Adaptor X 1
    3.5m DC Cable X 1
    User Manual X 1    

    Which Compressor is Used in the Alpicool TWW75 Fridge?

    The Alpicool TWW75 Fridge incorporates LG refrigeration technology and operates as a strategic partner of LG Electronics.

    What Power Sources Can the TWW75 Fridge Connect To?

    The TWW75 fridge can be powered by a 220-240V AC grid via the provided adaptor, a 12/24V DC car battery through the supplied adaptor, or a backup lithium battery in the absence of AC/DC power. The battery charges simultaneously when the fridge is connected to AC/DC power.

    How Many Watts Does the Alpicool TWW75 Fridge Use?

    The TWW75 fridge has a rated wattage of 60W.

    Does the Alpicool TWW75 Fridge Have a Battery?

    The Alpicool TWW75 fridge is equipped with a detachable battery, which recharges through the DC plug in your car or the AC plug in various locations. Alpicool 100W solar panel with DC5521 connector can also be used to recharge the fridge battery.

    How to Recharge the Battery?

    When the fridge is connected to AC/DC power, the battery is charged concurrently. To charge the battery separately, switch off the fridge and connect the battery to the 220-240V AC grid, 12/24V DC car battery, or Alpicool 100W solar panel with DC5521 connector. It's advisable to first connect a fully discharged battery to AC power. During charging, the power indicator turns green, and the four blue battery indicators display the charging status. Once fully charged, the power indicator turns off while the battery indicators remain active.


    Avoid charging the battery with 12V DC power and a solar panel simultaneously to prevent damage to the refrigerator.

    How to Turn the Battery On/Off?

    Long press the battery's switch button to turn it on/off. The power indicator's colours indicate the battery's charging (green), discharging (blue), and fully charged status (off).


    1. Don't turn off the battery if the power indicator lights are green (indicating incomplete charging) to extend the battery life. Cease charging once the battery reaches full capacity.
    2. If the refrigerator won't be used for an extended period, it's recommended to fully charge the battery and then turn it off.

    How Do I Connect My Alpicool Fridge?

    Operate the Alpicool TWW75 fridge using its built-in control panel with an LCD screen or through the Alpicool APP available for mobile phones. To link the APP and the fridge, download the Alpicool APP from the App Store or Google Play, enable Bluetooth, search for the product, select the fridge, and the 'AP' letter will appear on the fridge's display panel. Press the setting button to connect the mobile phone and fridge. Each Alpicool fridge includes a user manual detailing the connection process.

    What Should I Do Before Unpacking the Fridge and Immediately After?

    1. Before unpacking, inspect the packaging material and the Alpicool fridge for any signs of damage. If any damage is observed, take photos and send them to This will facilitate the compensation process.
    2. After checking for damage, remove the fridge from its packaging and let it reach room temperature for at least 12 hours to avoid potential compressor issues. After this time, you can test the Alpicool fridge.

    What Should I Do if the Fridge Doesn’t Turn On or Has Defects?

    Contact Energian Customer Services promptly to seek assistance or arrange a replacement if necessary.

    How Long Will It Take for the Fridge to Cool Down to -18°C?

    The cooling time depends on the ambient temperature and the fridge's load. A completely empty fridge can reach -18°C in about 1 hour, whereas a fully loaded fridge may take approximately 2-4 hours, depending on the ambient temperature.

    After Pressing the ON/OFF Button, the Screen Did Not Display Anything. Is the Fridge Defective?

    Hold the ON/OFF button for a few seconds, and it will activate the fridge.

    I Received an E1 Error Code, and the Fridge Isn't Working. What’s Happened?

    The E1 error code indicates that low voltage protection is activated due to the input voltage being lower than the default value. Follow the instructions in the user manual to lower the protection level, allowing the fridge to turn on.

    Why Does the Temperature Fluctuate?

    The compressor stops working once the inside temperature reaches the set value. It restarts when the temperature rises by about 3°C. To maintain the best food preservation temperature, set the temperature about 3°C lower than the ideal freezing temperature.