Adjustable Wind Turbine Roof Mount


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Adjustable Wind Turbine Roof Mount

Roof mount for wind turbine generators - compatible with all roof types because it's fully adjustable!

Wind Turbine Mount will fit these models:

  • Also fits Windmax, Hy Energy, and Wind Energy 7 brands
  • For use with other wind turbines if a 2 inch to 1 1/2 inch adapter is used

Roof Mount Specifications:

  • Made from galvanized metal to resist rust!
  • 4 foot (1.2192 m) tall mounting pipe
  • 2 inch (5.08 cm) mount (2 3/8 inch OD (6.0325 cm))
  • Center foot to outside leg measures 2 feet
    • Perfect for rafters spaced 2 feet (0.6096 m) apart for maximum stability
  • Fully adjustable legs and feet for angled or flat roofs
  • Angled legs for no shaking
  • Wind turbines *must* utilize slip rings to use this mount
  • Unit weighs approximately 59 pounds (26.76 kg)

Recommended for wind turbines located near a garage or detached garage as there can be some noise transmission to the dwelling.

If additional pipe will be added to increase the height, guy wires are highly encouraged to provide support. Roof mounted wind turbines experience more turbulent wind, be sure to secure the mount properly to prevent damage!