What devices can DELTA power?

Basically, DELTA can power anything that’s up to 1800W in total. To put that in perspective:

Can I use all of the outlets at once?

Yes, as long as the combined output of what you’re charging doesn’t exceed 1800W. We recommend testing your devices one at a time to see if they’re compatible with DELTA.

What should I do when DELTA won't charge anything?
1. If you’re trying to power something through DC or AC charging, check that the ON/OFF buttons for AC and DC are on.
2. If a device is drawing less than 1 watt from DELTA, it won’t show up on the LCD screen even though power is going to it.
3. If there is an overload protection indicator on the LCD screen, it means one or more things are trying to pull more than 1800W (or 3300W during a surge)

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