Zappi Eco-smart 22kW 3PH Type 2 Untethered White with Retrofit Tamper Kit EV Charger


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Smart Charging, Green Living: Zappi Eco-smart 22kW EV Charger Bundle

The Zappi Eco-smart bundle is a special offer that includes:

  • Zappi Eco-smart 22kW 3PH Type 2 Untethered White EV Charger; and
  • myEnergi Retrofit Tamper Kit, included to meet UK Electric Vehicle (Smart Charge Points) Regulations.

The Zappi Eco-smart is the world's most intelligent home EV charger, known for its exceptional adaptability. This advanced charger seamlessly utilises power from the grid, solar, or wind, offering unmatched flexibility. You can monitor your charging performance and schedule sessions easily with the user-friendly smartphone app, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience. Compatible with any Type 2 electric vehicle, the Zappi is your key to efficient and eco-friendly charging.

Key Features:

Three-phase power: Charges electric cars much faster than single-phase power by delivering more power to the car's charging system. Check specifications of your electric car before choosing a power supply for charging.

Flexible Charging: Choose power from solar or wind generation to enhance your EV’s green credentials. The universal socket ensures compatibility with every EV.

Three Electric Car Charging Modes:

  • Eco: Balances green energy and grid power to minimise the latter.
  • Eco+: Adapts charge power based on home power consumption, pausing when grid power is high and resuming with surplus free power.
  • Fast: Charges at maximum power for quick charging.

Built-in RCD Protection and Grid Sensors: Ensures safety with protection against electrical faults and provides accurate energy consumption measurements.

Zappi App: Access and control your charger remotely, set timers for off-peak charging.

3-Year Warranty: Peace of mind with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Prompt Delivery: 2-3 working days’ delivery within the UK (longer for Highlands, islands, and Northern Ireland).

Elevate your EV charging experience with the Zappi's intelligence and adaptability.

Detailed specifications:

Design and Manufacturing: UK
Rated Power: 7kW (Single Phase); 22kW (3-Phase)
Rated Supply Voltage: 230V AC Single Phase
Supply Frequency: 50Hz
Charging Current: 6A to 32Amax (Variable)
Standby Power Consumption: 3W
Integral Protection: 6mA DC residual current protection (RDC-DD in accordance with EN 62955)
Economy Tariff Sense: Input 3.3 – 230Vrms AC Sensing (4.0kV Isolated) Volt Free Contact (24Vdc Supplied from the Zappi)
Wireless Interface: 868/915 MHz (Proprietary Protocol) for Wireless Sensor and Remote Monitoring Options
WiFi Connectivity: 2.4GHz 802.11BGN Connection up to 150 Mbps
Grid Current Sensor: 100A max. Primary Current, 16mm max, Cable Diameter
Cable Entry: Rear, Bottom or Side
Enclosure Dimensions: 439 x 282 x 122mm
Protection Degree: IP65 (Weatherproof)
Enclosure Material: PC/ASA (Batch dependant)
Operating Temperature: -25 °C to +40 °C
Circuit Breaker: 32A Curve B
Earthing Arrangement:  Built-in RCD protection and earth fault detection - no earth rod required
Charging Profile: 3 Charging Modes: ECO, ECO + and FAST. ECO settings use solar or wind energy integrated with grid power. In FAST mode Zappi operates like any other mains powered EV charger.
Connector Type: Type 2 Tethered Cable (6.5m) or Type 2 Socket with Locking System
Mounting location: Indoor or Outdoor (Permanent Mounting)

In the Box:
  • 1 X Zappi Eco-smart Unit Three Phase EV Charge Point 22kW Untethered White,
  • 1 X myEnergi Retrofit Tamper Kit,
  • 3 X CT Clamp,
  • 1 X Mounting template,
  • 1 x Mounting Kit (for a brick wall) including
  • 4 X 50mm Pozi screws,
  • 4 X Wall mounting plug,
  • 4 X Sealing washer
Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the myEnergi Retrofit Tamper Kit needed? What is Zappi Type 2? What is a 3-phase EV charger?

A 3-phase EV charger uses a three-phase electrical supply to charge EVs faster than a single-phase charger. It is commonly used in commercial and industrial settings and is ideal for businesses, fleet operators, and public charging stations.

How fast can a 3-phase EV charger charge an EV?

A 22 kW 3-phase charger can charge a 60 kWh battery in about three hours, whereas a 7kW single-phase charger takes around nine hours.

Do I need a special electrical supply for a 3-phase EV charger?

Yes, 3-phase chargers need a three-phase electrical supply, which is not usually found in homes. You will need to hire a licensed electrician to install this supply.

Can 3-phase EV chargers be used for all types of EVs?

Yes, they can charge all types of EVs, including BEVs and PHEVs. However, some EVs may not support the faster charging speeds of a 3-phase charger.

Can I get government incentives for installing a 3-phase EV charger?

Yes, many countries offer incentives such as tax credits, rebates, and grants for installing EV chargers. Check with local authorities for available incentives.

Dynamic load balancing adjusts the charging speed based on your home’s electricity usage. By using excess energy from solar panels or off-peak tariffs, the Zappi Type 2 charges your EV more efficiently, reducing electricity bills and charging more from sustainable energy sources.
Yes, the Zappi Type 2 has Wi-Fi and a mobile app, allowing you to monitor and control charging remotely. The app lets you set schedules, view history, and track energy usage and cost. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
The Zappi Type 2 is easy to install at home by a qualified electrician or solar expert. Its adjustable cable holder and compact, wall-mounted design make it suitable for tight spaces. Installation usually takes 4-6 hours. 
Yes, the Zappi Type 2 supports fast charging up to 7kW for single-phase and 22kW for three-phase, charging an EV up to three times faster than a standard 3-pin plug. It also has dynamic load balancing to ensure efficient charging without overloading your home’s electrical supply.
The Zappi Type 2 can charge at a maximum rate of 7kW single-phase or 22kW three-phase, providing fast and efficient charging.
Yes, the Zappi Type 2 can integrate with solar panels, allowing you to charge your EV using renewable energy. It also has smart charging modes to maximise solar energy usage and minimise reliance on grid electricity.
Press and hold the button on the front of the unit for three seconds to cycle through ECO, ECO+, and FAST modes. Release the button when the desired mode is reached. The selected mode will be remembered for future sessions but can be changed at any time.
Yes, the Zappi Type 2 is suitable for commercial settings like fleet depots and company car parks. It can handle multiple EVs and integrate with energy management systems for load balancing and optimised energy usage.

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