SolaX X1-FIT G4 5.0kW AC Coupled Battery Inverter and 3-12kWh SolaX T30 Battery Energy Storage System

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Optimise Your Energy Usage with 3-12kWh AC Coupled Energy Storage System

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AC Coupled Energy Storage System (ESS) offers a strategic solution for harnessing energy efficiently from cost-effective sources like solar panels and off-peak Octopus mains power. This system empowers users to utilise stored energy effectively, avoiding low feed-in tariffs and expensive peak-rate power.

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TheSolaX X1-FIT G4 5.0kW AC Battery Inverter and 3-12kWh SolaX T30 Battery Energy Storage System (3-12kWh/5.0kW AC Coupled ESS) comprises:

  • 1x ... 4x SolaX HV10230 3.0kWh Triple Power T30 Battery Module
  • 1x SolaX X1-FIT G4 5.0kW AC Coupled Battery Inverter
  • 1x SolaX MC0600 Triple Power Battery Management System

This 3-12kWh/5.0kW AC Coupled ESS efficiently manages energy usage, ensuring a stable electricity supply and reducing costs by charging the battery with solar or low-priced off-peak Octopus electricity. Coupled with a private power source like on-grid solar panels, it provides a continuous 24/7 power supply for your home.

The 5.0kW X1-FIT G4 AC Coupled Battery Inverter is designed for compatibility with an external backup generator, seamlessly supplying electricity during prolonged grid outages when the battery storage is emptied.
    • SolaX HV10230 3.0kWh Triple Power T30 Battery Module: A high-performance, scalable battery storage module with a modular design for maximum flexibility. Easy installation, plug-and-play solution, 95% charge/discharge efficiency, 90% depth of discharge, and a cycle life of over 6000 cycles.
    • SolaX X1-FIT G4 5.0kW AC Coupled Battery Inverter: A high-quality inverter converting solar energy to AC energy, compatible with high voltage batteries. Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, featuring natural cooling, quiet operation, and low maintenance.
    • SolaX MC0600 Triple Power Battery Management System: A communication module ensuring optimal battery performance, extending battery life, reducing failure risks, and allowing constant charge level monitoring.
    • SolaX X1-FIT G4 5.0kW AC Battery Inverter Working Modes:
      • Self-use (default): Because there is no PV supplied, battery will discharge for local loads firstly, and grid will supply power when the battery capacity is not enough.
      • Feed in priority: The priority of inverter output power is: feeding to the grid  --> supplying the load --> charging the battery. This work mode applies to the area with high feed-in tariff.
      • Force time use: In this work mode the charging and discharging time can be set flexibly, and 
      • Back up mode: Battery will stop discharing to keep higher capacity when the grid is on. Only when the gird is off is not enough, battery will start to discharge to keep the emergency load working normally. This work mode applies to the area where suffering from blackout regularly.

    The system seamlessly integrates with smart Octopus tariffs, allowing automatic optimisation for Plunge Prices and super cheap prices. With solar panels and the battery storage system, your electric unit price can be drastically reduced!

    • Enjoy a 2-3 working day delivery within the UK (longer to the Highlands, islands, and Northern Ireland).
      Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
      Total Energy: 3.0kWh
      Useable Energy: 2.7kWh
      Nominal Voltage: 102.4V
      Operating Voltage Range: 90-116V
      Rated Capacity: 30A
      Rated Power: 2.5kW
      Max. Power: 3.0kW
      Maximum Charge Voltage: 2pcs 116.8V 3pcs 175.2V 4pcs 233.6V 5pcs 292.0V 6pcs 350.4V
      Recommended Charge/Discharge Current: 25A
      Max. Charge/Discharge Current: 30A
      Available Charge/Discharge Temperature Range: -30 ~ +50°C
      Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +50°C (3 months)
      Charge/Discharge Efficiency: 95%
      Cycled life (90% DOD): 6000 cycles
      Depth of Discharge: 90%
      Expected Life tTme / Warranty: 10 years
      Protection Level: IP65
      Net Weight: BMS MC0600 - 7.5kg; Battery Module HV10230: 34.5kg
      Size:  BMS MC0600 - 483×174×153mm; Battery Module HV10230: 483×472×153mm
      Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
      Rated Battery Voltage: 80-480V
      Max. Charge/Discharge Current: 30A
      Max. Apparent AC Input: 9200VA
      Max. AC Current: 40A
      Nominal Grid Voltage (AC Voltage Range): 220/230/240V 
      Nominal Grid Frequency/Range: 50/60Hz
      Nominal AC Power: 5000W
      Max. AC Apparent Power: 5500VA (4600VA for VDE4105, 4999VA for AS4777, 5000VA for C10/11)
      Max. AC Output Current: 23.9A
      Rated Grid Voltage: 220/230/240V 
      Rated Grid Frequency: 50/60Hz
      Power Factor: 1 ( Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging )
      THDi: <2% @rated power
      Nominal Output Power: 5000W
      Peak Apparent Power: 6000VA, 60min
      Max.Continous Current: 21.7A
      Nominal Voltage; Frequency: 230V, 50/60Hz
      Switch Time: 20msec
      Parallel Operation: Yes
      Battery Charge/Discharge Efficiency: 97.0%/97.0%
      Operating Temperature: -30 ~ +60°C (derating at 45°C)
      Protection Degree: IP65 
      Size:  482×417×181mm
      Net Weight: 23kg
      • 1x ... 4x SolaX HV10230 3.0kWh Triple Power T30 Battery Module
      • 1x SolaX X1-FIT G4 5.0kW AC Coupled Battery Inverter
      • 1x SolaX MC0600 Triple Power Battery Management System
      • 1x SolaX DDSU666 Chint Single Phase Meter
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