Renusol VarioSole Mounting Kit for 1 x 2 Solar Panels in Portrait for Slate Roofs

By Renusol

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Introducing the Renusol VarioSole+ Mounting Kit: Your Complete Solution for Securely Installing Photovoltaic Panels on Slate Roofs

The Renusol VarioSole+ Mounting Kit is a complete MCS certified mounting system providing a quick and easy solution for securing photovoltaic panels on the slate roof. The key is designed for safe installation whilst maintaining the warranty of your slate roof covering.

Key Benefits

This universal Renusol VarioSole+ mounting system for photovoltaic panels offers the following benefits:

  • MCS certified – Certificate Number: MCS IK0197
  • Strong and universal rail.
  • Lengths to accommodate all modern PV modules.
  • No screws required for the fully structural rail connector.
  • Smart click connection that allows for quick and easy installation of solar to the roof.
  • Few components and installation steps mean that panels can be installed up to 50% quicker compared to other methods.
  • Made in Germany.

Watch a video of the Renusol  mounting system for a plain tile (slate) roof:

The Renusol VarioSole+ Mounting Kit includes all the essential components necessary to securely mount two panels in portrait orientation in a single row on your slate roof. The required solar panel area is 2348 x Panel length (mm).

This complete Mounting Kit for two panels comprises the following:

  • 2 x VarioSole+ 41x35 Mounting Rail 3300mm - Silver,
  • 4 x VarioSole + End Cap 50X37 rail - RIGHT/LEFT Grey (1 pair),
  • 12 x Renusol Slate Solution with Genius Flashing (this number is applied for roofs with the rafter centres of 400-600mm when 6 hooks per a panel are used),
  • 1 x Wood Screw Pan Head 6x80 (Pack of 100),
  • 2 x Middle Clamp 30-50mm - Silver,
  • 4 x EndClamp 30-50mm - Silver, and
  • 1 x Renusol VarioSole+ Installation Guide.

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