Q-Batteries Lithium Akku 12-120 12V LiFePO4 battery


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Elevate Your Power Experience with Q-Batteries LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

If you're in search of a superior battery for your boat, RV, or caravan, the Q-Batteries 12-100S stands out as an ideal choice. Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology for enhanced performance and reliability.

Applications of the Q-Batteries AKKU 12-120 Lithium Battery:

The Q-Batteries LiFePO4 battery excels across various applications, surpassing standard lead-acid battery types. Its remarkable versatility and maintenance-free design make it suitable for the following:

  • Scooters and Mobility Equipment
  • Marine Applications, including Boats and Vessels
  • Camper Vans, Caravans, and Other Recreational Vehicles
  • Cleaning Equipment, such as Floor Cleaners
  • Solar Power Applications

What Sets the 12-120 LiFePO4 Battery Apart:

Lithium batteries, renowned for their extreme cycle resistance, promise an extended service life when properly cared for. The Q-Batteries 12-120 LiFePO4 battery, in particular, shines due to:

Specialized Charging Requirements: 

Requires a dedicated battery charger to prevent potential irreversible damage caused by trickle chargers.

Features and Benefits of the Q Batteries 12-120 Lithium Battery:

  • Maintenance-Free
  • Extremely Cycle Resistant
  • Lightweight and Compact Dimensions
  • 120Ah and 1536Wh
  • Long Service and Shelf Life

Embrace a new era of power with the Q-Batteries 12-120 LiFePO4 Lithium Leisure Battery, ensuring reliability and longevity for your diverse energy needs.


    Brand : Q-Batteries
    Model 12-120
    Product Type : LiFePO4 Deep Cycle batteries
    Voltage : 12.8Vdc
    Capacity : 1536Wh (120Ah)
    Length : 406mm
    Width : 173mm
    Height (inc terminals) : 236mm
    Holddown : B00
    Warranty : 4 Years
    Weight : 14.2kg