Portable Low-cost All-in-one 3kWh Energy Storage System

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Experience Unmatched Portability with the Portable Low-Cost All-in-one 3kWh Energy Storage System

  • Run your essentials: lights, fridge, laptop, stereo
  • Charge your phones
  • Keep going for hours or days on your trip
  • Charge at home to save power for rainy days; charge with solar when sunny
  • Use non-electric pitches or go wild camping
  • Up to 10 years of life with an LFP battery

Traditional portable solar energy system (ESS) includes four separate components installed in your caravan, campervan, motorhome, etc., and operates as follows:

  • Solar panel array converts solar energy into DC current, fluctuating with solar radiation
  • Solar charge controller receives the fluctuating DC current, stabilizes it, charges the battery (battery bank), and protects the battery from overcharging
  • Lead-acid deep cycle battery (battery bank) receives the stabilized DC current, converts it into chemical energy, and converts this energy back to electric energy
  • Off-grid inverter transforms DC current from the battery to AC current

Traditional portable ESS requires a lot of space to accommodate all the components, as well as complex wiring to connect them. Lead-acid batteries have a service life of 200-500 cycles only, can be discharged not more than 50%, are larger and heavier, lose energy in the cold, and require longer charging time than lithium batteries.

    Portable All-in-one 3kWh Energy Storage System (Portable ESS) consists of a PWM Solar Charge Controller 50A, a 3kWh 24V Lithium Battery, and a 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter assembled in a single metal case. The basic set of cables is included, and the system is UKCA certified.

    The mains and an (optional) set of 4x 200W Portable Folding Solar Panel (custom quantities available) offer two available charging possibilities.

    When the ESS is charged from the mains, the device is simply plugged into a wall socket.

    When the ESS is charged from the 4x 200W Portable Solar Panels, solar energy from the panels, using the PWM Solar Charge Controller, is stored in the 3072Wh (25.6V 120Ah) LiFePO4 (LFP) Battery. The Pure Sine Wave Inverter delivers up to 1500W (surge 4500W) AC power to the user's devices and appliances at RV, boat, or camp.

    The ESS can be used for trips or other portable applications. From the high-efficiency premium solar panels to the efficient inverter and the durable battery, this ESS includes high-quality, safe components for your portable installation.

    Three years' warranty is included.

    • RECHARGE 15%--100% WITH 4x 200W PORTABLE SOLAR PANEL WITHIN 6-7 HOURS (the actual time of recharging depends on the actual sunlight intensity and panel position).
    • POWER 10 DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY UP TO 1500W IN TOTAL The ESS includes four 5V DC USB ports, four ВС5521 12VDC ports, and two 230V AC mains style sockets. With up to 10 devices running, you will always feel right. 
    • BUILT-IN UPS FUNCTION The ESS includes an uninterruptible power supply unit, which means it can automatically power your devices without shutting off even during a power outage.
    • INCLUDES DSP INTELLIGENT CONTROL CHIPSET & FAULT CODE DISPLAY TO MONITOR REAL-TIME WORK CONDITIONS Process monitoring and fault diagnosis are a vital part of this innovative and modern automatic operation management system. 
      • AC PRIORITY MODE - All AC loads connected to the ESS are powered from the mains; the battery is charging at the same time; if the mains fail, the power is switched to the battery; switching time is less than 4ms.
      • BATTERY PRIORITY MODE - All AC loads connected to the ESS are powered from the battery; if the battery is fully discharged, the power is switched to the mains.
    • FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY within the UK (longer to the Highlands, islands and Northern Ireland) if ordered by 14:45 on a weekday.
    The portable 3kWh ESS includes:
    • PWM Solar Controller 24V 50A, Efficiency > 85%;
    • LiFePO4 Battery 3072Wh (25.6V 120Ah), >2000 Cycles;
    • Pure Sine Wave Inverter 24V 1500W;
    • Portable earthing kit.
    (Optional) 4x 200W Portable Folding Solar Panels.

    Solar Charge port (*1): Connected to the solar pane(s) 800 -1400W 30-44V;
    AC Charge port (*1): Connected to the mains 220-240VAC 50Hz; AC Charge power: 250W; AC Charge time from 20% to 100%: 10hrs

    USB-A port (*4), 5V, 1A, 20W Max;
    DC5521 port (*4), 12V, 1A, 240W Max;
    AC Socket (*2), 220VAC+/-2% (Battery Mode) 220VAC+/-10% (AC Mode); 1500W per socket max;

    Note: The total AC + DC load should not exceed 1500W!
    Working Temperature:
    Operating: -10~40℃
    Storage: -25~60℃
    Dimensions and Weight (without solar panels)

    Product Size: 58cm*22cm*52cm
    Product Weight: 45.5kg

    Package Size: 72cm*28cm*58cm 

    Package Weight: 54.1kg                                           

    Certification: CE/ROHS
    • 3KWH ESS X 1
    • MC4 to Anderson Plug Solar PV Cable X 1
    • AC Charging Cable X 1
    • Portable earthing kit X 1
    • User Manual X 1
    • (Optional) 200 Portable Folding Solar Panels X 4.

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