ICONICA 8.0kW 48V Single Phase Off-grid Hybrid Inverter


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Unleash Power Freedom with the Iconica 8000W Off-Grid Hybrid Inverter

The Iconica 8000W 48V Off-grid Hybrid Inverter astutely amalgamates the functions of an 8000W pure sine wave inverter, a 120A DUAL-INPUT MPPT solar charge controller, and a 120A smart battery charger into a singular unit. This versatile model adeptly accepts input from solar panels, mains power/generators, or batteries, either individually or in combinations. Moreover, this innovative inverter showcases a typical 20ms or 10ms transfer time (to be set by the user), enabling near instantaneous transfer from mains to battery mode during mains power interruptions. Additionally, it incorporates advanced communication functions, including inbuilt Wi-Fi, along with an extensive menu of highly customizable settings.

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  • ICONICA 8.0kW INVERTER is compatible with 48V GEL/AGM and LITHIUM-ION batteries featuring pre-defined charging programs. Note: The solar array must meet the inverter's minimum MPPT input voltage requirement of 120V (achieved by connecting several solar panels in series) for solar charging or direct operation of household appliances.
  • ICONICA 8.0kW INVERTER transforms DC current into 230V AC mains electricity, powering various household appliances, delivering 8000W of continuous power, with a robust peak power handling capability of up to 16000VA, facilitating the start-up of appliances with electric motors like pumps, vacuum cleaners, and power tools.
  • BUILT-IN 120A HIGH EFFICIENCY MPPT CONTROLLER (2 MPPTs) efficiently manages input from solar panels to the batteries or load, equipped with comprehensive safety features against overcharge, overheating, and reverse current. Operating at up to 98% efficiency, it extracts maximum power from the solar array to supply emergency power from PV or a battery to run home loads.
  • ICONICA 8.0kW INVERTER can be connected in parallel with up to 5 additional identical units, allowing large-scale system expansion, and delivering a potent 48kW/48kVA power handling capability. Parallel connections offer 3-phase operation, ideal for powering industrial-grade equipment and machinery requiring 3-phase electricity. Each inverter connected in the system will necessitate a Parallel Connection Kit (sold separately).
  • ADVANCED COMMUNICATION OPTIONS Comes with a PC connection cable and PC software CD for monitoring critical system information. Detailed data logs can be viewed and exported to PDF/Excel formats. Offers the potential to send data to an online user portal using a Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring Kit (purchased separately) for remote system monitoring, email status updates, and more.

  • INTEGRATED Wi-Fi FUNCTION permits remote monitoring through the WatchPower mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices, providing crucial information about solar/battery/AC voltage, charging current, and battery capacity.
  • 2-3 WORKING DAYS DELIVERY within the UK, with extended delivery times to the Highlands, islands, and Northern Ireland.

      Detailed specifications

      Nominal battery voltage: 48Vdc
      Continuous power output: 8000W/8000VA 220-240VAC 50Hz
      Surge power: 16000VA
      Output waveform: Pure sine wave
      Maximum solar input power: 4000W per input, 8000W in total
      Maximum solar input current: 18A per input
      Maximum open circuit solar input voltage (Voc): 500V
      Solar MPPT operating voltage: 120-430V DC
      Maximum mains AC charging current: 120A
      Maximum combined charging current: 120A
      Peak efficiency: 93%
      Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C
      Supplied with: USB drive PC connection cable and PC software CD
      Size:  554 x 432 x 148 mm
      Net Weight: 18.4kg
      In the Box
      • 1 X ICONICA 8.0kW 48V Off-grid Hybrid Inverter,
      • 1 X ICONICA 8.0kW 48V Off-grid Hybrid Inverter Manual,
      • 1 X PC connection cable and PC WatchPower Software CD.

      Documents available for Download:

      ICONICA 8000W User Manual

      ICONICA 8000W WatchPower Software User Manual

      Frequently Asked Questions

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