GSE Ready-to-use In-Roof Mounting Kit for 2 x 4 Panels in Portrait


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Elevate Your Solar Setup with GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM 2 x 4 Panels

The GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM presents a swift and hassle-free solution for securing photovoltaic panels onto your roof. Its revolutionary patented design, developed in 2018, ensures a safe installation while preserving the warranty of your current roof covering.

Key Features:

  • Universal mounting system for roof-integrated photovoltaic panels, meticulously crafted "by installers for installers."
  • Compatible with 95% of the framed modules available in the market.
  • Certified design to ensure water tightness, optimised ventilation, and fire resistance.
  • Easy and quick installation process.
  • 100% French manufacturing.

GSE Ready-to-Use In-Roof Mounting Kit: This comprehensive kit includes all the necessary components to mount 4 panels, measuring between 1610-1800mm in length and 1130-1135mm in width. For instance, it accommodates panels sized 1722 x 1134mm, arranging them neatly in 2 rows on your roof.

Warranty: The GSE In-Roof System™ is backed by a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. This system is designed for minimal maintenance, requiring only regular cleaning of the PV panels to ensure optimal production.

Description  Qty
1 GSE Half Frame Portrait H1650/1135. The module mounting plate for one portrait PV module with a length of 1610-1800mm and a width of 1130-1135mm. Size 1100 x 1200 x 20mm. Weight 3kg. These frames are ordered in halves. 2 frames are required per module - this product is simply showing the upper or lower half of a single frame. 16
2 GSE Top Centre Flashing. Size 1500 x 330 x1mm. Weight 1.4kg. 3
3 GSE Top Right Corner Flashing. Size 503 x 330 x 1mm. Weight 0.4kg.  1
4 TGSE Top Left Corner Flashing. Size 503 x 330 x 1mm. Weight 0.4kg.  1
5 GSE Top Junction Flashing. Size 503 x 330 x 1mm. Weight 0.4kg.  2
6 GSE Lateral Flashing. Size 1290 x 185 x 1mm. Weight 0.48kg. 8
7 GSE Top Corner Piece Flashing. Size 1400 x 30 x 20mm. Weight 0.15kg. 3
8 GSE Flashing Hook. Size 38 x 20 x 1mm. Weight 0.006kg. 28
9 GSE Mid Clamp H16. Size 60 x 27 x 25mm. Weight 0.03kg. 12
10 GSE End Clamp H16. Size 48 x 27 x 25mm. Weight 0.02kg.


11 GSE EPDM Clamp Wedges Twin Pack (2x Left/2x Right).  Size 50 x 25 x 23mm. Weight 0.021kg. 4
12 GSE Rooflex Grey 330 Waterproof Strip (5m Roll). Size 5000 x 330mm. Weight 2kg. 3
13 GSE EDPM Pre-compressed Seal for Module Clamp. Size 21 x 25 x 5mm. Weight 0.1kg. 20
14 GSE Pop Rivet. Size 40 x 7mm. Weight 0.001kg. 12
15 GSE Self-Tapping Screw + GSE Washer Black (Single). Size 65 x 6.5mm. Weight 0.01kg. 68