Fox 8kW K Series Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

By Fox ESS

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Unlock Renewable Power with the FoxESS KH8: Your Ultimate 8kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

The FoxESS KH8 presents a sleek 8kW single phase IP65 full hybrid inverter, designed for maximum efficiency with high voltage batteries, guaranteeing optimal performance for your solar system.

The Fox KH8 boasts straightforward installation, saving you precious time on-site. With the FoxESS Cloud, remote monitoring and control become effortlessly convenient, simplifying support from afar.

  • IP65 rated - ideal for outdoor installations
  • Remote monitoring via web portal or smartphone app
  • Easy expansion of battery capacity
  • Triple MPPT for optimal solar production
  • High round-trip efficiency of 97%
  • Seamlessly integrates with ECS2900, ECS4100, ECS4300, ECS4800, and HV2600 systems, providing flexibility for various setups.

IP65 Rated: Perfect for Outdoor Installations

Our system is specially designed for outdoor installations, with an IP65 rating that ensures its ability to withstand various weather conditions with outstanding durability and reliability. Whether it's scorching heat, heavy rain, or freezing temperatures, our system is constructed to excel, ensuring uninterrupted performance regardless of the environment in which it's situated.

Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on your system effortlessly through a web portal or smartphone app, giving you peace of mind wherever you are. Our system's IP65 rating ensures that it is suitable for outdoor installations, providing durability and reliability in any weather conditions. With remote monitoring capabilities, you can conveniently track your system's performance and status, ensuring optimal operation and maximizing your peace of mind.

Increasing Battery Capacity

With a simple process, you can increase the battery capacity to meet your growing energy needs. Our system is designed for seamless expansion, allowing you to effortlessly enhance its capabilities as your energy requirements evolve. Whether you're expanding to accommodate additional appliances or scaling up your energy production, our system's easy-to-follow process ensures a smooth transition and continued reliability.

Maximising Solar Energy Production

Maximise your solar energy production with our triple MPPT technology, ensuring efficiency and performance. By employing multiple maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controllers, our system optimizes the output of your solar panels, maximizing their efficiency and extracting the maximum energy from available sunlight. This innovative technology ensures that your system operates at its peak performance, delivering optimal results and maximising your renewable energy generation.

Optimising Energy Usage

Achieve an impressive 97% round-trip efficiency, optimizing energy usage and reducing costs. Our system's high round-trip efficiency ensures that the energy you generate from your solar panels is efficiently stored and utilized when needed, minimising wastage and reducing overall energy costs. With industry-leading efficiency, our system maximizes the value of your renewable energy investment, providing sustainable and cost-effective power for your home or business.

Fast Delivery Across the UK

Experience the benefits of the Fox ESS 8kW K Series Single Phase Hybrid Inverter with quick 2-3 working days delivery within the UK (longer to the Highlands, islands, and Northern Ireland).

Battery Voltage Range [V] 

7,000 W
Recommended Battery Voltage [V]  80 V

Max. Charge Current [A]

500 V

Max. Discharge Current [A] 

75 V

Communication Interfaces

75 V
Reverse Connect Protection      600 V

Max. Recommended DC Power [W]

Max. Input Current (Input A / Input B) [A] 16 / 16 / 16[1]
Max. Short Circuit Current (Input A / Input B) [A] 20 / 20 / 20
No. of MPP Trackers 3
Norminal AC Power [VA] 8000
Max. Apparent AC power [VA] 8800
Norminal AC Current [A] 34.8
Max. AC Current [A] 38.3
Max AC Power [VA] 16000
Max. AC Current [A] 69.6
Max. EPS Power [VA] 8000
Max. EPS Current [A] 36.4

* More technical characteristics are avaliable on demand and customized.
[1] The maxium generating power of each pv string is limited to 3300 watts

  • Inverter (A): The central component of your solar setup, ensuring efficient energy conversion.
  • Bracket (B): Provides sturdy support for mounting your inverter securely.
  • WiFi/GPRS/LAN Module (Optional) (K): Enhances connectivity options for remote monitoring and control.
  • PV Connectors (Only for KH) (C): Eight connectors (four positive, four negative) for seamless integration of photovoltaic panels.
  • Meter (Optional) (L): Provides valuable insights into energy consumption and system performance.
  • PV Pin Contacts (Only for KH) (D): Eight pin contacts (four positive, four negative) for secure connections to photovoltaic panels.
  • CT Extension Connector (M): Facilitates the extension of current transformer connections for enhanced monitoring capabilities.
  • AC Connectors (E): Two connectors for connecting your inverter to the AC power supply.
  • Hexagonal Screws (N): Three screws for secure installation of components.
  • Expansion Tubes & Expansion Screws (F): Six tubes and screws for expansion and reinforcement of mounting structure.
  • Expansion Screws (For Ground Installation) (O): Four screws specifically designed for ground installation.
  • Earth Terminal (G): Ensures proper grounding for safe and efficient operation.
  • Battery Connectors (P): Two connectors (one positive, one negative) for connecting batteries to your system.
  • Communication Connector (H): Facilitates communication between components for seamless system integration.
  • Battery Pin Contacts (Q): Two pin contacts (one positive, one negative) for secure connections to batteries.
  • Product Manual (I): Comprehensive guide providing instructions and information for installation and operation.
  • CT (with 10m Cable) (R): Current transformer with a 10-meter cable for monitoring energy flow within your system.
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