EcoFlow GLACIER Plug-in Battery

By Ecoflow

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Add-On Battery for the EcoFlow GLACIER Portable Fridge-Freezer-Ice Maker 

Cooling for up to 40 hours wire-free

298Wh plug-in battery

Designed for absolute portability, Glacier can be powered by the Plug-in Battery and free from messy, limiting cables.With a large battery capacity of 298Wh, savour up to 40 hours of easy access to frozen meals, fresh fruit, and ice-cold beverages.

Net weight: 1.8 kg / 4 lbs

Capacity: 298Wh
Cycle life: 800 cycles to 80%
Dimensions: 245.5 mm × 92 mm × 68 mm (9.7 in × 3.6 in × 2.7 in)

* GLACIER and its accessories (Plug-in Battery and Detachable Wheels and Lever) are shipped separately. Please note that you may receive at least 2 packages and 2 tracking numbers.