On-Grid/Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Panel Kit consists of 10x Canadian Solar 380W Rigid Solar Panel (custom quantities of solar panels are available on request), 1x Alpha ESS Parallel Connection Expansion 5.7kWh 48V Battery Module, and 1x Alpha ESS SMILE5-INV 5kW Hybrid Inverter

Solar Panels, mounted on a rooftop or on the ground, generate direct current electricity. This is then passed through a Hybrid Inverter to convert it into an alternating current, which can be used by the home or commercial premises where the solar panels are installed. The excess energy, depending of the operation mode, is stored in the battery or fed into the grid.

  • CANADIAN SOLAR 20% HIGH EFFICIENCY MONO PERC 380W RIGID SOLAR PANELS IS A POWER SOURCE to capture up to 3.8kW DC electricity and then convert it to AC electricity to use immediately in the home or a business, store excess energy in the battery or feed it into the National Grid. If you prefer to install the panels on the ground, you can use the Ground Mounted Kit consisting of 10x Canadian Solar 380W Rigid Solar Panels installed on the ground with 10x Renusol ConSole+ Ground Mounts.
  • DURABLE, DUST & WATER RESISTANT SOLAR PANELS The Canadian Solar 380W solar panel is dust and water-resistant to endure all weather conditions. Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface reduces power loss from dirt and dust; Heavy snow load up to 5400Pa and increased wind load up to 3600Pa. 12-year product warranty and 25-year extra linear power output warranty.
  • ALPHA ESS PARALLEL CONNECTION EXPANSION 5.7kWh 48V LONG LIFE , EXPANDABLE, HIGH EFFICIENCY BATTERY MODULE The AlphaESS battery series chemistry is Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), which means it is safe and reliable. Rated life span of more than 6000 cycles (90% Depth of Discharge); Storage capacity is expandable to 34.2kWh (6 modules in parallel); 98% charge/discharge efficiency; Easy plug & play installation.
  • TEN YEARS GUARANTY FOR ALPHA ESS PARALLEL CONNECTION EXPANSION 5.7kWh 48V BATTERY MODULE Alpha ESS warrants that we will repair or replace (at our option) a Product or any part thereof, if such Product is faulty or defective in manufacture or materials for a period of 10 years for SMILE5-BAT from the date of purchase. when the battery module is operated under a normal use according the to the specifications outlined in the Product manual.
  • ALPHA ESS SMILE5-INV 5kW HYBRID INVERTER is the combination of a solar inverter and a battery charger into a single piece of equipment. The Alpha ESS SMILE5 is all you need for a truly off-grid or combination off-grid/mains-connected home. The high-tech islanding function was developed to keep your home’s critical circuits powered without interruption when the grid is down, i.e., during a power cut.
  • ALPHA ESS HYBRID INVERTER PROVIDES 5KW IN ON-GRID MODE AND 5KW BACKUP POWER TO SUPPORT ESSENTIALS IN OFF-GRID MODE With the SMILE5, it’s possible to directly connect a solar panel array (DC) at the same time as mains AC and solar invertor AC. This flexibility in connectivity makes it perfect for retrofitting to existing off-grid solar panel systems.
  • GERMAN DESIGN, SUPERB PERFORMANCE AND LONG LIFESPAN Compatible with both new installations and retrofits (AC- or DC-coupled). Multiple operation modes available.
    • ENERGY METER REQUIRED Alpha SMILE5 inverter does not come with energy meter supplied. Separate Acrel part needs to be purchased. 1x meter required when DC coupling and 2x meters required when AC Coupling.
    • FREE DELIVERY within the UK (longer to the Highlands, islands and Northern Ireland).
    Main components:
    • 10x CANADIAN SOLAR 380W Solar panel, Efficiency = 20%;
    • 1x ALPHA ESS LiFePO4 Battery 5.7kWh (51.2V 112Ah), >6000 Cycles, Continuous Discharge Rate 2867W, Max. Discharge Rate (5 minites) 2867W;
    • 1x ALPHA ESS SMILE5 Hybrid Inverter 220-230VAC, 5kW (Grid side), 5kW (Back-Up);
    • Option: 10x RENUSOL CONSOLE+ Ground Mount.
    CANADIAN SOLAR 380W Solar Panel
    Rated (Peak) Power (Wp): 380W in Standard 1000w/m2 solar light
    Open Circuit Voltage: 41.2V (Vmp =34.5V)  
    Short Circuit Current: 11.68A (Imp = 11.02A)
    Efficiency: 20.0 %
    Cell Type: Monocrystalline Silicon
    Connector Type: MC4-Evo2
    CertificationDC IEC 1000V
    Net Weight: 20.5hg
    Size:  1765 X 1048 X 35 mm
    Battery Type: LiFePO4 
    Nominal Capacity: 5.7kWh
    Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
    Operating Boltage: 48.0 - 57.6V
    Max. Discharge Current: 56A
    Depth of Discharge: 96%
    Cycle Life: 10000 (Under specific test conditions)
    Installation Location: Indoor 
    Operating Temperature Range-15 ~ +55°C
    Humidity: 5% to 85% (No Condensing)
    Ingress Protection: IP21
    Net Weight: 65kg
    Size:  600 * 250 * 600 mm
    ALPHA ESS SMILE5 Hybrid Inverter
    Solar input:
    Max. PV Power (Wp): 2 x 3.3kW
    Max. Input PV Voltage: 580V 
    Max. Input PV Current: 2 x 12A
    Max. PV Short Circuit Current: 2 x 15A
    Solar Connection: MC4
    AC input (Grid side):
    Input Voltage Range: 180-270VAC
    Max. Input Current: 22A
    Frequency Range: 45-55Hz
    AC Connection: Quick connection plug
    AC Output (Back-side):
    Rated Output Power: 5kW
    Back-up Switch Time: 20ms
    Operation Phase: 1/N/PE
    Rated Output Voltage: 220-230VAC
    Rated Frequency: 50Hz
    Max. Output Current: 22A
    THDv (Linear Load): <2%
    AC Output (Grid side):
    Rated Output Power: 5kW
    Operation Phase: 1/N/PE
    Rated Output Voltage: 220-230VAC
    Rated Frequency: 50Hz
    Max. Output Current: 22A
    Power Factor: (0.8 leading - 0.8 lagging)
    Max. Efficiency: >97.6%
    EU Efficiency: >97.0%
    General Data:
    Dimensions (W*H*D): 610*615*236 mm
    Weight: 58kg
    Operating Temperature Range: -20 ~ +60°C
    Ingress Protection: IP65
    Cooling: Natural Convection
    Display: 7.0"LCD color screen display
    Communication: RS485, Optional: Wi-Fi, GPRS
    10x CANADIAN SOLAR 380W Solar panel - 1 X Double pallet
    1x ALPHA ESS SMILE5-BAT LiFePO4 Battery 5.7kWh (51.2V 120Ah) - 1 X Box 
    1x ALPHA ESS SMILE5-INV Hybrid Inverter 220-230VAC, 5kW (Grid side), 5kW (Back-Up) - 1 X Box
    Option: 10x RENUSOL CONSOLE+ Ground Mount - 1 X Pallet.
    On-Grid/Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit of 3.8kW Solar Panels, 5.7kWh Lithium Battery, and 5kW Hybrid Inverter (Due: 30 Sep 2022)

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