IP65 Cabinet for Pylontech US2000C, US3000C, and US5000 Batteries Outdoor Installation


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Pylontech US2000C, US3000C, and US5000 Battery Mounting Cabinet

The ideal location for storing batteries is outdoors, away from living areas, which requires a suitable weather-protected IP65 cabinet.

This cabinet is IP65 rated and has space for Pylontech batteries: up to 6x US2000C and US3000C, and up to 4x US5000. The external size of the cabinet is 1495 x 600 x 600mm.

The cabinet is coated with light grey paint with anti-corrosion properties.

If outdoor storage is not feasible, indoor locations for storing batteries must meet certain basic requirements, including:

  • Ensuring batteries are separated from all types of rooms and escape routes by appropriate fire compartmentation.
  • Providing fire detection in the location where the battery is placed, linked to a fire alarm system to alert of a fire.
  • Making sure that escape routes are not obstructed.

According the newest PAS 63100:2024 Electrical Installations – Protection Against Fire of Battery Energy Storage Systems for Use in Dwellings – Specification rules issued by the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero, valid from 31st March 2024, battery installation should be made in a place that minimises the risk of batteries becoming an ignition source and mitigates the effects of a battery fire, should one occur.