GSE Ready-to-use In-Roof Mounting Kit for 1 x 5 Panels in Portrait


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Maximize Efficiency with the GSE Ready-to-Use In-Roof Mounting Kit for 1 x 5 Panels in Portrait

The GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM is the quick and easy solution for fastening photovoltaic panels overlaid on the roof. Its revolutionary patented design has been developed in 2018 for an installation in total safety whilst maintaining the warranty of the current roof covering.

Universal mounting system for roof-integrated photovoltaic panels “developed by installers for installers”.  

  • Compatible with 95% of the framed modules on the market.
  • Certified conception and design to allow water tightness, optimized ventilation and fire restistance.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • 100% French manufacturing.

This GSE Ready-to-Use In-Roof Mounting Kit includes all the essential components needed to securely mount 5 panels with dimensions ranging from 1610-1800mm in length and 1130-1135mm in width. For instance, it accommodates panels sized 1722 x 1134mm, arranging them neatly in a single row on your roof.


The GSE In-Roof System™ is backed by a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. This system is designed for minimal maintenance, requiring only regular cleaning of the PV panels to ensure optimal production.

Description  Qty
1 GSE Half Frame Portrait H1650/1135. The module mounting plate for one portrait PV module with a length of 1610-1800mm and a width of 1130-1135mm. Size 1100 x 1200 x 20mm. Weight 3kg. These frames are ordered in halves. 2 frames are required per module - this product is simply showing the upper or lower half of a single frame. 10
2 GSE Top Centre Flashing. Size 1500 x 330 x1mm. Weight 1.4kg. 4
3 GSE Top Right Corner Flashing. Size 503 x 330 x 1mm. Weight 0.4kg.  1
4 TGSE Top Left Corner Flashing. Size 503 x 330 x 1mm. Weight 0.4kg.  1
5 GSE Top Junction Flashing. Size 503 x 330 x 1mm. Weight 0.4kg.  3
6 GSE Lateral Flashing. Size 1290 x 185 x 1mm. Weight 0.48kg. 4
7 GSE Top Corner Piece Flashing. Size 1400 x 30 x 20mm. Weight 0.15kg. 4
8 GSE Flashing Hook. Size 38 x 20 x 1mm. Weight 0.006kg. 23
9 GSE Mid Clamp H16. Size 60 x 27 x 25mm. Weight 0.03kg. 8
10 GSE End Clamp H16. Size 48 x 27 x 25mm. Weight 0.02kg.


11 GSE EPDM Clamp Wedges Twin Pack (2x Left/2x Right).  Size 50 x 25 x 23mm. Weight 0.021kg. 1
12 GSE Rooflex Grey 330 Waterproof Strip (5m Roll). Size 5000 x 330mm. Weight 2kg. 2
13 GSE EDPM Pre-compressed Seal for Module Clamp. Size 21 x 25 x 5mm. Weight 0.1kg. 12
14 GSE Pop Rivet. Size 40 x 7mm. Weight 0.001kg. 16
15 GSE Self-Tapping Screw + GSE Washer Black (Single). Size 65 x 6.5mm. Weight 0.01kg. 42