BLUETTI AC200MAX 2048 Wh / 2000W Portable Power Station

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All-around Upgraded Expandable Power Station: AC200MAX 

The AC200MAX stands as the pioneer in modular, expandable BLUETTI power stations. With an impressive 2048Wh from ultra-durable LiFePO4 cells and a 2,200W full-power pure sine wave inverter, it transforms into your go-to mobile recharge centre, whether you're off-the-grid or on the move.


  • 2,200W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (4,800W Surge)
  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
  • Expandable Up To 6,144Wh with 2×B230, or 8,192Wh with 2×B300
  • Seven Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead Battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar)
  • 900W Max. Solar Input rate and 500W adapter input, providing 1,400W in total
  • 1300W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar + AC Adapter)
  • Smart App Control & Monitor in BLUETTI App

Experience the versatility and power of the AC200MAX, setting new standards in portable, expandable energy solutions.


    Less to spend, more to love

    Can't choose between power and flexibility? We've got you covered!
    With 2 expansion ports, AC200MAX can combine up to 2 BLUETTI B230 (2,048Wh each) or B300 (3,072Wh each) battery modules, boosting the total capacity to an amazing 8,192Wh! 

    Charge the Way You Prefer

    Drawing 900W of solar power and 500W via the adapter from the mains – at a combined 1,400W rate – AC200MAX will charge in less than two hours. Furthermore, every BLUETTI battery module has its own AC input port, so you can get another 500W of input rate with every module added (maximum of 2 battery modules for AC200MAX).

    What in the Box



    Capacity: 2048Wh (51.2V,40Ah)
    Cell Chemistry: LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
    Lifecycle: 3,500+ Cycles to 80% Original Capacity
    Management System: MPPT Controller, BMS, etc
    Shelf-Life: Recharge to 80% Every 3-6 Months


    AC Output: 4 x 220V-240V, 2200W In Total
    Inverter Type: Pure Sine Wave
    Surge Power: 4,800W
    USB-C Port: 2 x 5V/3A USB-A, 2 x 18W USB-A
    12V* DC Outlets: 1 x 12V/30A (RV Outlet), 1 x 12V/10A (Car Outlet), 2 x 12V/10A DC 5521 (5.5mm Outlet), *All Regulated.
    Wireless Charging Pad: 2 x 15W Max. (For Each)


    AC Adapter Input: 400W Max
    Solar Input: 900W Max. OCV 10-145VDC, 15A
    Car Input: 12/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port
    Max Input: 1,300W, with AC+Solar Input
    AC Adapter (400W): ≈5.5~6 Hours
    Solar (900W): ≈3~3.5 Hours (with strong sunshine, advantageous orientation and low temperature)
    12V/24V Car Outlet (100W/200W): ≈10 or 20 Hours
    AC Adapter + Solar (1300W): ≈2.0~2.5 Hours (with strong sunshine, advantageous orientation and low temperature)
    Dual AC Adapters (800W): ≈3~3.5 Hours (Extra adapter is required)


    Scalability: Expandable w/ Up to 2 x B230 or 2 x B300
    Pass-through Charging: Yes
    Weight: 61.9lbs (28.1kg)
    Dimensions (LxWxD): 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 in ( 42 x 28 x 38.65cm)
    Operating Temperature: -4-104℉ (-20-40℃)
    Storage Temperature : 14-113℉ (-10-45℃)
    Certification: UL, CEC, DOE, FCC, CA Prop 65
    Warranty: 24 Months (Learn more about BLUETTI warranty policy)

    Q & A

    Q1: How many B230 or B300 battery modules can be connected to the AC200MAX? A: 2x B230 or 2x B300 battery modules. B230 and B300 batteries and expansion cables are sold separately.
    Q2: Can the B230 battery module be used alone? A: Yes, it also provides a standalone power source with a 100W USB-C, a USB-A, and a 12V DC output port. Note: The total power of your devices should NOT exceed 700W.
    Q3: How can I charge B230? A: 1. 400W AC Adapter (sold separately).
    2. Car cigarette lighter output or solar panels (BLUETTI D050S DC Charging Enhancer is sold separately).
    Q4: Can AC200MAX be remotely controlled via the APP?  A: Yes. You can use the BLUETTI App to monitor and control the AC200MAX.
    Q5: Is the solar charge controller mode MPPT or PWM?  A: MPPT.
    Q6: How can I charge AC200MAX? A: 1. 400W Adapter: 4.6~5.1hrs
    2. Dual Adapters(800W in total): 3~3.5hrs
    3. Solar Panel(900W): 2.8~3.3hrs; Open circuit voltage:10-145V
    4. Adapter+Solar Panel(1300W): 2~2.5hrs
    5. 12V/24V Car Cigarette Lighter
    6. 12V/24V Lead-acid Battery
    7. Generator
    Q7: Does AC200MAX have a UPS function?  A: No, AC200MAX does not have a UPS function.
    Q8: How long will AC200MAX power my device? A: Working time estimate = 2,048Wh * 0.85 / operating power of your device. 0.85 is the Conversion Rate.  Kindly note the actual working time may vary under different circumstances.
    Q9: Can I use a third-party solar panel and what conditions need to be met?  A: Yes, as long as the specifications of the solar panels you're using fall within the range:
    Total open circuit voltage(OCV): 10-145V
    With MC4 connectors

    Q 10: Does AC200MAX support the App Control?
    A: Yes. Once connected via Bluetooth, the BLUETTI App will enable you to control the AC200MAX remotely, including changing the working mode and upgrading the firmware.
    Q 11: What is the difference between AC200MAX and AC200P?
    The main differences are:
    1. Output power and capacity: 2,000W AC power and 2,048Wh capacity for AC200MAX;  2,000W AC power and 2,000Wh capacity for AC200P.
    2. Max. Input: 1,400W for AC200MAX; 1,200W for AC200P.
    3. App Control: AC200MAX supports BLUETTI App control.