Alpha ESS SMILE-G3-S3.6 3.68kW IP21 Single Phase Hybrid Inverter


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Experience Uninterrupted Power with Alpha ESS SMILE-G3-S3.6 3.68kW IP21 Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

Established in 2012, Alpha ESS specialises in advanced battery storage products and intelligent energy management solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

This 3.68kW hybrid single-phase inverter can capture more precise data to meet stricter VPP requirements. Compared to other products, it offers superior performance in on-grid and off-grid scenarios.

The new SMILE-G3-S3.6 is now capable of fast frequency response (FFR) for grid services. It can be connected with either the Alpha SMILE-G3-BAT 3.8-15.2kWh, Alpha-SMILE-G3-BAT 8.2-49.2kWh and Alpha SMILE-G3-BAT 10.1-60.6kWh Battery Systems.

  • Allows up to 200% PV Input
  • Maximum Input Current: 15A
  • Supports DC/AC Coupling
  • Supports On-grid and Off-grid Operation
  • All-in-One Modular Battery
  • Built in WiFi and LAN
  • Up to 15.2kWh with 3.8kWh Batteries (1-4 in Series)
  • Up to 49.2kWh with 8.2kWh Batteries (1-4 in Parallel)
  • Up to 60.6kWh with 10.1kWh Batteries (1-6 in Parallel)
  • Intelligent Control via AlphaCloud
  • Can be installed one 3.68kW on each phase for three-phase connections


  • Up to 60.6kWh battery can be connected: This Alpha ESS SMILE-G3-S3.6 Hybrid Inverter has UPS functionalities with a built in battery facilities 3.8kWh, 8.2kWh, and 10.1kWh which can be expanded up to 4/6 batteries upon at any time. The all in one system has a great monitoring platform and is very easy to install. It has a modern design to fit in with other appliances inside your house. Solar panels can be added to the system in order to generate more power. There is a warranty of 10 years on the battery.
    • Works with Smart Tariffs including Octopus Energy: When combined with a AlphaESS battery, the AlphaESS SMILE-G3-S3.6 Hybrid Inverter has been designed to work seamlessly with smart energy tariffs. The first energy supplier to offer such a tariff is Octopus Energy, however the AlphaESS battery system works perfectly with any other energy provider.

    • Intelligent Hybrid Inverter: Offering a fast response and uninterruptible power supply, this single phase hybrid inverter features an intelligent modular design and 24/7 monitoring both online and via the AlphaESS app.

    • Fast Delivery Across the UK: Experience quick 2-3 working days delivery within the UK (longer to the Highlands, islands, and Northern Ireland).

    Required Part: The AlphaESS SMILE-G3-S3.6 inverter does not come with energy meter supplied. Separate Alpha Chint DTSU666 Meter With 6 CTs part needs to be purchased. CLICK HERE

        Detailed specifications:

        Model: SMILE-G3-S3.6-INV
        Battery Type: Lithium-Ion (LiFePO4)
        Battery Voltage: 96.0V / 256.0V
        Battery Capacity: 3.8 - 15.2kWh, 8.2 - 49.2kWh, and 10.1 - 60.6kWh
        Depth of Discharger: 95% 
        Useable Capacity Range: 3.6 - 14.4kWh, 7.8 - 46.8kWh, and 9.7 - 58.1kWh
        Max. Charge/Discharge Current: 40A / 32A / 40A
        Max. Charge/Discharge Power: 3.68kW
        INPUT PV
        Max. Input Power: 7360W
        Max. Input Voltage: 580V
        MPPT Voltage Range: 125-550V
        Max. Input Current: 15A/15A
        Max. Short-circuit Current: 18.5A/18.5A
        MPPT Number / Max. Input Strings Number per MPPT: 2/1
        Max. AC Input Power (Grid Port): 7360W
        Rated Output Power: 3680W
        Rated Output Apparent Power (Grid Port): 3680VA
        Rated Output Apparent Power (Backup Port): 3680VA
        Rated Output Current (Grid Port): 16A
        Max. AC Output Current (Grid Port): 16A
        Rated Output Current (Backup Port): 16A
        Max. AC Output Current (Backup Port): 16A
        Max. Inverter Efficiency: 97.3%
        Rated Voltage: 220-230VAC
        Rated Grid Frequency: 50/60Hz
        Backup: UPS
        Communication: Ethernet / WiFi
        Protection Degree: IP21
        Relative Humidity: 0-90%
        Size: 610 x 212 x 366 mm
        Net Weight: 19.5kg

        In the Box:

        • 1 X Alpha SMILE-G3-S3.6-INV 3.68kW IP65 Hybrid Inverter,
        • 1 X Alpha SMILE-G3-S3.6-INV 3.68kW IP65 Hybrid Inverter User's Manual.
        Frequently Asked Questions:

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